Thursday, August 31, 2006

better day?

Today i am feeling much better. so good in fact i'm going to call my friend julie and hopefully go scrapbookin' at her place tonight. yeehaw!
but first i must do all my mommy and wifely duties aka sweep, mop, lunch, dinner, already vacuumed, maybe start laundry. my life can be sooo exciting can't it??
the kids and i went to sears to pick up wyatts 2 yr. pictures as soon as they opened this morning. this was the hardest photo shoot i have erver done. little man did not want to sit still, heaven forbid to ask him or try to pose him. thankfully we got maybe three good shots. one shot was cropped and i think it was the best shot of him. maybe next year he will either calm down to sit still or i'll be good enough in my photography to do my own portraits. that would be way to cool.
it is so humid right now that i just want to get my stuff done so i can relax and stop sweating. yuck.
if i had a scanner i could post a picture out of wyatt sears photo shoot
but maybe i'll find a different one to use. ahh, little man at his birthday party. he had such a good day that day all playing and no whining(sp?).
enough for now, i must get on with my duties. hope all is good for you, have a blessed day
he is such a cutie. he is such a pistol. he is wyatt and i love him dearly.

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ma said...

Hi Kids,
Going to get caught up with your site, your right the photo shot at sears was pretty bad, but it could be that the kids have had enough of pictures-but heh-what do they know ? I sure do love this little guy.

Love to you all