Saturday, August 26, 2006


Howdy all,
let's see what is up around the Ross Roost. Friday afternoon I broke a toe. thats been real pleasure, especially since we are going up to Mt.lemmon tomorrow for my birthday. speaking of birthday I would like to give a shout out to Chuck and JoAnn for my card that also came in yesterday. Thankyou. I can't wait to visit with them in October. Cool peoples.
Otherwise it's been a nice day so far. we hit wallyworld before 7:30 so it was nice and calm. Right now Wyatt is taking a nap and Kellys got a movie on while I'm stalking other blogs and reading a good book. Mr.Rob is at his fantasy football draft party till about 4 tonight.
Hey it's just nice not having to work on Saturday. Just wish i could go shopping. Tomorrow we head up to the mountain to rose canyon lake to picnic and hang out. I hope to get some good pictures. Rob and I are looking to redecorate the living room and I would like to see some black and white (b&w) trees, lake and flower pictures. So I will keep working on my photography skills.
The rest of today should be relaxing, except I need to go to the grocery store later (yuck!) I hate busy places. Have a great weekend and maybe i'll post tomorrow night. Maybe have some pictures.
Lunch time!
Please note I love to ramble on. Try to keep up. hehehe

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