Wednesday, August 30, 2006


No i didn't party last night, but dang do i feel bad. i ended up not going to work because i had a fever, headache with bad body ache. today i feel slightly better but my body just hurts. there is no comfortable postion to sit or lie in. kim says that i show the signs of west nile virus. by looking at my legs there are enough mosquito bites it could be true. if i continue to feel bad i will call the doctor tomorrow.
last night my mother in law kept my rugrats overnight and took them to the zoo. they were wiped out when they got home. kelly slept from 11:30 to almost 3pm and wyatt woke up when he came in the house but now he has been napping since 1:30 and it now 3:30. Thanks inez!! with me not feeling good you have made my job as a mom easier today. i'm really not wanting to go to work but i have tomorrow off so i will suffer.
Tomorrow we pick up wyatts 2 yr pictures from sears. maybe this will give me the incentive to get the thank you cards done from his birthday party. i know bad mommy. i am such a procrastinator.

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