Saturday, September 30, 2006


sorry everyone that i've been missing in action. thursday and friday were very busy and time got away from me.
*I must give a shout out to my buddy Kim who got the assistant manager job at Walgreens on Friday. this has taken a huge load off her shoulders and hence we all went to texas roadhouse for dinner. she starts her new job 10/16.
* Today being Saturday i'm off to work from 10-5 and then Kelly and Wyatt are getting pictures taken at 6pm. I'm stressing already. I have a few outfits to choose from for Kelly but I really don't have anything for Wyatt. His jeans are either to little or way to big. Also do I put them in fall clothes for the shoot together or since it is 98 degrees do I put them in shorts? oooo the drama. I really don't want to go to work. I have so much work around here that needs to be done that I feel work is in the way.
* Sunday Kim and I are going to see the Devil wears Prada at the cheap theatres. I've been wanting to see this so i'm all excited.
Sorry i need to get busy i leave for work soon and have lots to get done. C

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

annual check up

this morning Kelly had her well baby checkup. we need to get her eyes checked just to be on the safe side. kelly had a little problem on the last line and covering one eye. with both eyes open she could read apple, house, umbrella.
this may sound cheesy but i got teary eyed when they did the hearing test and she pointed to what ear she heard the sound from. *if you ever ask kelly which one or choose she will tell you "ok", so this was big decision making stuff for her and i was a proud mama. otherwise.....3 shots.... 2 in one leg and one on her arm. I hate hearing my babies scream in pain. it's awful. of course now her attitude is even worse than ever because she is in some pain. the once sympathetic mama is starting to get bitchy with all the back talk and yelling.
*got to take the van out for my "first" outing. yesterday i spent half the day cleaning and vacuuming, Rob did more detailing later. it felt good, i'm trying to get used to the gas and brakes compared to driving my truck. to me the van is a little jumpy but i'll get all the kinks out and start feeling more confident. i can say i love being able to park in smaller quarters and having the sliding doors is great with the kids. no more stressing about not hitting other car doors and such.
but to be honest i always felt like a bad ass driving my truck so driving the van well you know what i think about that. but thankyou God for making this work and i do extremely appreciate it i just want to poke a bit of fun at myself.

So it's lunch time and i better find somethin' for Rooster and I to eat. enjoy your day and smile it makes you feel better. Carrie :)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Kelly!

My baby has turned 4!
She even received a phone call from Geoffery the Giraffe at Toys R Us!
Yes, I know the picture is sideways. I forgot to turn it before I uploaded it. Oh well. You get the idea.
So far today has been a good day for Miss Kelly she helped me outside, she watched a movie, did some puzzles and now she and Wyatt have taken off with Grandmom Ross for the afternoon. What am I to do? I made no plans and the house is still fairly clean, so I have nothing to do. I could scrapbook. I need to scrapbook. If I had so money I would go run around but I've spent my allowance (hehe) so to speak. So I guess I'll just chill out at home.
Guess what's in my driveway?
Yeah! Rob signed the contract to paint their house and we get the van and once the house is done so moolah too. Kelly helped me this morning wash the outside and I started on the inside but I need a shop vac and Rob's is buried in the shed. Sooo, I'll wait for him to come home and see if I can borrow the one off his work truck to vacuum out the van. So cool. drives nice, it will grow on me.
I always said I would never own a mini van. Never say never! :) the kids seem to really like. Wyatt can now see outside better and he won't stop yelling out everything he sees. It's kinda funny. so anyway I'm gonna go chill and play with my scrapbooking stuff and get dinner to defrost.
Have a great Tuesday. UGH! I just remembered I have to work tonight. Oh well it will go good. good vibes people give me good vibes. Enjoy your day.
And Julie if you are reading this, the Nikon coolpix 4 is an 8.1 megapixel for under$500 compact camera that should work fine for your company.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

weekend update

Hellish Saturday at work. I was the only team member at the register. I had some back up with a manager and framing team member but it doesn't really help. we didn't get the last guest out til about 9:25 and we HAD to leave the store by 10:15. the store was trashed. I hate leaving like that.
Good Sunday, I had to work in the nursery but it was great, we only had 7 kids and they were great. no crying, or fussing. Today we also had Kellys Birthday party. That kid got soooo many presents. Lots of puzzles, panties galore and socks. she also got some art supplies and craft projects. Of course there was more but i'm not going to give a detailed list of all her goodies. But to all I will say thank you for the gifts. she is set in panties and socks.
Right now i've just finished dinner, I'm watching the broncos and patriots football and waiting for desperate housewives season premiere to start. Of course i've got to get the kids in bed before it starts. I don't want any interuptions.
Overall it was a good day. hope yours was great too. Carrie

Friday, September 22, 2006

some much to say

Greys Anatomy ROCKS! it was a great priemere. this looks to be a great season. can't wait to see what the writers have come up with.
Now next up is Desperate Housewives. the previews have been very interesting. hopefully it lives up to the hype. the first season was hilarious and last season was a little lackluster but the writers have said they are getting their grove back.
okay enough about tv.
i downloaded some pictures that i thought you would get a kick out of. Here is a pictures of squeakers when i freaked him out so the picture isn't that great. he is still a cool bird. The next picture to post is of miss Kelly. I asked if she wanted a cookie. the kids are on an oreo kick so i actually bought oreos. this was her with ONE cookie. I told her not to move mommy wanted to take a picture. isn't she hilarious. how do you do that with one cookie? of course then she wanted to pose so i started snapping like ten-fifteen shots of just her cookie face.
Then i decided to be a "cool" mom and let her play with my camera. First rule. ALWAYS put the strap around your neck. She did very good but she also was sitting right next to me so that i could be there in case of trouble. here are a couple of shots of me that she took. Not bad at all for a first time. she got so excited that she couldn't focus the camera and was moving it so all the pictures were a little blurry. this kid loves taking pictures and maybe if she is good and santa can afford it, i will get her this princess camera i saw at walmart.
I wish they had digital when i was growing up. i have always loved photography but we couldn't afford a camera and i was to shy to join the yearbook club so now my passion is finally coming out to play. if kelly has a interest i'm gonna do my darndest to harvest it. same with wyatt. go for your dreams kiddos momma will be cheering you from the sidelines.
have a great weekend. kelly is having a family birthday party this sunday so it should be a great weekend for all. love, carrie

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

what day is it?

you say it's wednesday? you mean one more day until grey's anatomy? McDreamy? i can't wait! do NOT call me thursday night, i will not answer the phone, i WILL be giggling like a schoolgirl and hating every commercial that interrupts my program. i just love this show and i'm sooo glad the new season is about to start.(insert huge cheesy grin:))
*on another front, there has been some miscommunication with the van owners wife (she said we could get it whenever because they need the garage space) and now it's, do you have all the money, you need to sign a contract for payments and the owners need to write a bill of sale. we will be getting the van sometime soon. i'm not gonna even talk about it until it's sitting in my driveway.
calgon take me away.
*work last night was weird. we had several guest return items and they had 6-14 different receipts? what a pain in the arse. plus Lupe (the manager) closed so we all know we will be there until after 10pm. i was flippin tired.
also, there were police cars waiting in the parking lot and circling the building. as we were getting ready to leave a new team member said it was for her protection. her oldest childs father is suspected of murdering his 5 mo. pregnant girlfriend and the police believe he could come after her. HELLO! i did not show up to work to get shot at. it just freaked me out. i sincerely hope she is not working with me tonight. it just gives me the heebeegeevees.
*Sunday afternoon is ms.kellys 4th birthday party. to the theme of chicken little. i need to go order the cake and call sears to make arrangements for her photos. no i don't have the equipment or the knowledge to take them myself yet.
christmas is coming, hint. hint.;)
So have a happy hump day. Carrie

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

publishers clearing house

yes i'm addicted to sending in my claims to publishers clearing house. ya know average joes win there every year. you don't have to own a fancy house to win. my kinda contest. also it doesn't cost you any money either.
* so we are getting the van in the next couple of days. hopefully tonight. it definitely needs to be cleaned inside and out. but it will be so nice to have. I just pray that financially we can continue to afford it.
*so i'm teaching a scrapbook class this friday! i like to teach basic scrappin' and it's nice to get to know new people. side note; i'm still waiting for one more magazine to come in. i'm like a junkie i need my magazine fix. (if you really know me you know this is way too true!)
*my mother in law has picked up the kids for the day. i've got the radio cranked up and doing some housework. did lots of cooking and baking yesterday so all i have to do is make dinner before i go to work tonight.
it's a gorgeous day and now i'm gonna go enjoy it. ciao Carrie

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hello?! Who's here?

Just having fun but i would like to know who is stopping by. please feel free to leave a comment. I know my mom always does. hehehehe.
*Today was a good day at work. long but a good day. Rob and Mikey are at the car races and i just put the kids to bed so i think i'm gonna try scrapbooking right now. (well as soon as i finish this)
*I think I like to scrap better at home. I don't have to haul out all my stuff or make solid decisions on what i'm going to put on a page, lots more freedom at home.
Okay so i'm going to got set up, then it's my turn to pray for 30minutes and then i'll scrap.
Have a nice weekend.
ps we should be getting the van this week. eeeeeeeee!

Friday, September 15, 2006


yuck, yuck, yuck. the ticks are back in town. i hate these things, why can't they just go away? we poison the yard every couple of weeks. the dogs have collars, are fed garlic and get gone over every few days. we have never had ticks before this summer and i'm at a loss as to what to do. I actually enjoy killing them but it totally grosses Rob out. so except for poisoning i do most of the killing.

*tonight is my scrapbook social at joanns. so far it's just mom and myself that i know of. the last couple of months i have cancelled because after an hour and half no one shows. so really i'm hoping we can get a couple of more people.

*i don't know what to talk about. home is normal and i am working tomorrow so is rob, ho hum, ho hum.

* our church has started a blog called oasis chatter you can check it out here hopefully this one will take off.
enjoy your weekend. carrie

Thursday, September 14, 2006

for the love of scrapbooking

I have come to the conclusion that i never want to be published. over the last few days i have visited a couple of websites that have really left a bad taste. i have never seen or read people tear each other apart so much over what i thought was a "hobby". this is my opinion. i'm doing this for myself and my family. i'm one of those people who think, "i want to remember this forever" or "i can't wait to one day tell the kids this story".
Before i found scrapbooking i wanted to remember eveything i could about my parents and grandparents. but it was all oral history. now with scrapbooking i can journal and hopefully have a picture and show and tell my memories.
i will admit at one time i wanted to be published, but not so much anymore. it's not about the "new" product or recognition it could bring, it's about my family and what makes my heart sing. i'm going to start by focusing on getting pages done, not worring so much about what is design savvy.
50yrs ago that wan't important, it was putting your memories down on paper for your family to know you and remember you. that's my goal.
yes, i'm going to want the new and pretty things but i'm going to use them not hoard them for the "perfect page". every page is perfect and every memory is precious.
so my addiction to scrapbooking will not subside but my purpose has a more clearly defined meaning.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


A new addition to our menagerie, a finch. yup we were given a bird. cute little guy and very shy. Gee wonder why? we are like the 3rd or 4th home he has had. Well he will be staying. I love listening to the birds sing in the morning and this morning I was serenaded by our own bird.
Now I was expecting to hear him on/off during the night but he didn't make any noise that I heard.
What's funny is we put him in Kelly's room and everytime the bird makes noise she tells him to be quiet or shush. We'll see how she does with the bird, if it becomes a constant than I will move the bird to a different location. I like having him. Squeakers isn't loud at all and I like the songs that he sings. Maybe when we have a little extra we can get him a friend.
I would post a picture but it didn't turn out that great and I was freaking the bird out with my camera lens in his cage so I left him alone. Sorry poor guy. gotta get used to have a camera/scrapbooking nut in the house.

Monday, September 11, 2006


this picture from last year seems fitting. had a hard time this morning with all the tribute coverage. I eventually turned it off because I 1) i was crying 2) i didn't want to upset the kids. they wouldn't understand and i'm not sure i could even explain it in terms they would get.

HAPPY BIRTHDAYS!!! two very happy kids who were totally excited to get presents.

Kelly ripped into hers with a vengence trying to get the tiara out. We both loved her new pjs and short sets. Way to go Gerri!! awesome choices. As you can tell by the picture Wyatt kept saying oooooh. loves his cars especially after Daddy showed them how they work. Thank you both you did good.

They are both growing too fast. thankfully i have pictures from EVERY month but even then it amazes me how much they have changed. my rug rats, ankle biters, youngns', my kids. god i love them.

* okay, on sunday i was asked to photograph the upcoming relay for life cancer walk/run. the run is next year but they also want me photo banquets and kick off parties. AAArrrrr. I'm honored and humbled by this request and i will defintely(sp?) start working on taking more action shots and indoor lighting and the list goes on. I know I can do this just very nervous and want to do my best. plus these pictures will be on the website. talk about pressure!!!!! eeeekkkk. Okay calm down, deep breath. where's my manual again?? kidding. its all good. Just pray for me okay! Ima gonna need it.:) Hugs for today Carrie

Friday, September 08, 2006

spring cleaning

yeah i know i have it backward but the constant mess is driving me crazy:) we all need to get rid of some things. the kids have toys that they don't play with, i have clothes i don't wear or household items i don't need. we just need to purge. part of me would just like to pack almost everything up and put it in storage for awhile.hehe:)
*so the fall season is upon us and i'm excited about all my favorite shows coming back on. desperate housewives and greys anatomy top my list. right now i'm hooked on project runway on bravo channel. its cool watching designers come up with their outfits.back to des. housewives, the news just reported that marcia cross(bree) is pregnant in real life. kinda wondering how they will fit that in the show.
*tomorrow rob goes to traffic school. hahahahah! no, i have no right to laugh because i was right beside him and i could have told him to slow down but there was NOBODY around. the cop got us about 1mile plus out. so there goes $117 for him to sit in class from 7:30am- 3:00pm.
well the weekend is looking fairly normal, not doing anything but church, homegroup meeting, laundry, meals. etc. hope your weekend is nice and eventful. have a great weekend and i'll see ya monday!
hugs, carrie

Thursday, September 07, 2006

new month, new magazines!

Yeehaw. so far this month i have gotten my new CK(creating keepsakes) and i just bought a special issue of SS(simple scrapbooks) so right now i have tons of inspiration flowing thru my brain. I'm still waiting for three more magazines to come in. To top it all off i was on my favorite scrap site www. two peas in a and their message board where i read "new scrapbook store in Kalamazoo". Awesome i just had to leave a post congratulating them on their opening. now i can let dad and gerri know what books to buy me for b-day and christmas..can never go wrong with buying me scrap stuff that i picked out.hehe. please don't take offense at that comment it was meant only to be playful
*so right now all is quiet. wyatt crashed on the loveseat, kelly is playing quietly on the couch and the tv is off. SHOCKER! whats really nice is that i woke up to RAIN this morning. forget seattle come on down to tucson. this has been the best summer in the 13yrs i've lived here. the kids and i are in jeans and i'm sooo loving it. see this picture you can't even see the mountain. it is raining all over town and for tucson thats rare. have i driven you crazy yet???compare to how i have been feeling before the monsoon season this is like being on a happy drug. this is the weather that makes me happy. * too bad i made chili on tuesday it would have been great today. and i was going to make a veggie soup but forgot to lay out the meat so i'll make that this weekend.
anywhoo, just enjoying the day.
maybe i'll bring out the camera and snap some pictures but for now kelly is asking for lunch and rob should be home soon to join us, and i'll let wyatt sleep.
lovin it carrie
ps when i'm changin my train of thought i'm gonna throw in that asterisk so you can follow. i know i ramble and this might help you better. love ya

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

fall is here!

okay so no it's not official, but it feels like it here. the temps are in the 80's it just feels gorgeous. here's a pic that made me smile.

next month we head back to willcox for the annual pumpkin festival (where photo is taken).

yesterday i started putting up some of the fall decorations lit some caramel apple candles.

today is a off day. rob was sent to sliver city new mexico and so he will be late to get home. i miss him and pray he gets home safely. called our insurance agent today to get a quote on adding the van to our policy. yeah right. our policy would almost triple. uh huh. so i hit the net and did various company quotes and found one for $94 for the 2 vehicles. considering they are both 97's one a pickup and one a van, i shouldn't have to pay $150 for both vehicles. capice?got me?

According to my mom we are getting this van and we will make it work. hell even my mother in law is like you need this van. so why has a kink been thrown in the plans? didn't i just write last week how i wish we could afford a second vehicle and now this van pops into our lap and because we can't afford the higher insurance i can't get the van??? hello, God could you answer me please? to me this really sucks. i'm not asking for a new car dang it. this van will be PAID FOR!! sorry my vent is over. i will continue to pray, and i ask that you also pray for us.

wherever you are at enjoy your day.because i'm gonna dang well going to enjoy mine.Carrie

p.s. i'm gonna start talking about scrapping and photos soon i promise! heheheh

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

just thinking

i should have mentioned it yesterday but i was still processing everything. it has greatly saddened me about the croc hunter steve irwin. we finally got animal planet on our cable and i was just getting into watching him again. irwin has always fascinated me and i have learned so much. i think what has hit the hardest for me is that life really is short and you don't know when your time is up.this thought totally puts me into panic mode. i expect to see my kids grow up and to see my grandchildren so to know that might not happen just fills my head and makes my heart skip. i actually have a hard time even contemplating death. earlier this year my friend lost her husband and i think this is what has triggered me. brandon wasn't even 30 and had to small boys. amanda his wife and i had been pregnant around the same time, our oldest are six months apart and our youngest are a year. it's going to happen i just want it to be in my late 80's and to have lived a full life and die in my sleep.
so in happier thoughts it was interesting to watch rosie on the view this morning. i think it might be a good change but will watch occasionally to see if sparks fly.
in regards to the van i think we are going to do it. we talked about it and prayed and i don't see any negatives in this issue.
i'm sure there are more ramblings but i need to have luch with rob while i have the chance. enjoy your tuesday. Carrie

Monday, September 04, 2006

it's raining!

i have been waiting all day for the rain to start. it has been a cool cloudy day and you could see rain on the horizon, now its finally here!!!
Happy Labor Day! today has been a "normal" day. kids fighting, me on computer, rob working etc., but today i got 3 scrapbook layouts done and started a 4th. it's hard for me because in some ways i feel like i'm wasting time and sometimes it takes an hour to get what i want on paper. the results are what make me happy. (it doesn't help that i've been criticized before either)

Today i also tried out a new recipe called onion soup. never had onion soup before. it's okay, nothing i would invite people over for.

okay, rob is working a side job today and most saturdays the owner is offering to sell us their 1997 dodge caravan for $1500. we need a second vehicle and we need one that can hold more than 4 people. the car has 110,00 miles but is in good condition. we told the owner it would be six months before we had the money and he is fine with that. should we do it? Rob and I are going to pray about it tonight. i would love your thoughts though. carrie

Sunday, September 03, 2006

thank God for naps!

This morning Wyatt was driving me crazy. Which according to my mom is a short trip for me. I changed my shirt 3 times before I felt I looked alright. Changed Wyatt twice because the shirt had a stain and the elastic on the shorts was shot. Once we got to church I had to teach Kellys junior church class 4-6 yr olds. Miss Kelly refused to be involved in any activity we worked on. That was frustrating because all the other little girls are better behaved and would play along and Kelly has her arms crossed over her chest and going "NO, I don't want to". I could have ripped out my hair. I'll leave it at that. There was more frustration and after lunch when Rob asked Kelly to bring him Wyatts plate Kelly instead of bringing it to Rob she dumps it in the garbage. I was ready to go nuts. Sorry I said I would stop. So I took a nap. When I was awakened by our truck starting I found Wyatt asleep on the couch, Kelly in her room watching a movie and Rob off to Guitar Center to lookie lou. Rob brought home a metronome for practicing his drums. Cool gadget that keeps beat and helps him improve his drumming skills. I'm all for that.
Feeling slightly better since I woke up. Rob is off to pick up pizza and see if his mom wants to join us, otherwise hopefully the rest of the night will be peaceful and my kids will see tomorrow. hehe! I guess you could call this a normal day right?? Carrie

Friday, September 01, 2006

pumped up friday

Helllooo every bod e!
Last night I had such a blast at my friend Julie's house scrappin' with a few of her friends. We all seemed to hit it off real well (even if they are addicted to big brother). hehehe. That was okay since Julie and I were hooked on watching Andre Agassi kick some butt. Only got one layout done but ya know its more about the friendships that are made and cultivated and the things you learn that are important. Granted I have about a gazillion ideas running through my head and i impatiently waiting for my b-day present from so that i can put some of these ideas into action.
Today the fam is having lunch with my bud miss Kim as we head to our favorite restaurant Sushi Garden. We have been going to this place for 10yrs? When it was still called Oriental Garden. This is the restaurant that catered Robs 35th party in january. Everyone loved it! the restaurant is also right next door to my favorite scrapbook store, Making Memories Unforgetable. Maybe I can talk Rob into letting me spend a couple of bucks? 10?15?20?
No work again tonight (at least i haven't been called in yet) so hopefully i can enjoy some family time tonight maybe some photos and scrappin'. Rob and i are both working tomorrow so next day off together is sunday. haven't discussed it yet but we may got to a bbq hosted by one of our home group leaders. should be fun if we go.
I feel jazzed up today. kids' laundry is getting done, the house is fairly clean, kids are being pretty good. I don't know just pray that this feeling continues. it's a happy day. Enjoy your weekend. happy labor day! teasing kelly and making her face the camera. my kids are starting to revolt. NO More pictures mom!!