Wednesday, September 06, 2006

fall is here!

okay so no it's not official, but it feels like it here. the temps are in the 80's it just feels gorgeous. here's a pic that made me smile.

next month we head back to willcox for the annual pumpkin festival (where photo is taken).

yesterday i started putting up some of the fall decorations lit some caramel apple candles.

today is a off day. rob was sent to sliver city new mexico and so he will be late to get home. i miss him and pray he gets home safely. called our insurance agent today to get a quote on adding the van to our policy. yeah right. our policy would almost triple. uh huh. so i hit the net and did various company quotes and found one for $94 for the 2 vehicles. considering they are both 97's one a pickup and one a van, i shouldn't have to pay $150 for both vehicles. capice?got me?

According to my mom we are getting this van and we will make it work. hell even my mother in law is like you need this van. so why has a kink been thrown in the plans? didn't i just write last week how i wish we could afford a second vehicle and now this van pops into our lap and because we can't afford the higher insurance i can't get the van??? hello, God could you answer me please? to me this really sucks. i'm not asking for a new car dang it. this van will be PAID FOR!! sorry my vent is over. i will continue to pray, and i ask that you also pray for us.

wherever you are at enjoy your day.because i'm gonna dang well going to enjoy mine.Carrie

p.s. i'm gonna start talking about scrapping and photos soon i promise! heheheh

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ma said...

Hello Family,
I just love this picture--it is so like Kelly.

I also look forward to heading back to Wilcox and Apple Annie's.

Love to you all