Thursday, September 14, 2006

for the love of scrapbooking

I have come to the conclusion that i never want to be published. over the last few days i have visited a couple of websites that have really left a bad taste. i have never seen or read people tear each other apart so much over what i thought was a "hobby". this is my opinion. i'm doing this for myself and my family. i'm one of those people who think, "i want to remember this forever" or "i can't wait to one day tell the kids this story".
Before i found scrapbooking i wanted to remember eveything i could about my parents and grandparents. but it was all oral history. now with scrapbooking i can journal and hopefully have a picture and show and tell my memories.
i will admit at one time i wanted to be published, but not so much anymore. it's not about the "new" product or recognition it could bring, it's about my family and what makes my heart sing. i'm going to start by focusing on getting pages done, not worring so much about what is design savvy.
50yrs ago that wan't important, it was putting your memories down on paper for your family to know you and remember you. that's my goal.
yes, i'm going to want the new and pretty things but i'm going to use them not hoard them for the "perfect page". every page is perfect and every memory is precious.
so my addiction to scrapbooking will not subside but my purpose has a more clearly defined meaning.

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ma said...

Dear Daughter,

I wish more could learn what you have-each day is a gift and should be treated as such. I have never worried about being perfect or doing everything the "correct" way, it's what I feel in my heart and what I want people to remember about me when I am no longer here. So you do what makes "you" happy and the heck with the rest.

Love to you all,