Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hello?! Who's here?

Just having fun but i would like to know who is stopping by. please feel free to leave a comment. I know my mom always does. hehehehe.
*Today was a good day at work. long but a good day. Rob and Mikey are at the car races and i just put the kids to bed so i think i'm gonna try scrapbooking right now. (well as soon as i finish this)
*I think I like to scrap better at home. I don't have to haul out all my stuff or make solid decisions on what i'm going to put on a page, lots more freedom at home.
Okay so i'm going to got set up, then it's my turn to pray for 30minutes and then i'll scrap.
Have a nice weekend.
ps we should be getting the van this week. eeeeeeeee!


Ma said...

Good Morning,
Just thought I would stop by and wish all an enjoyable Sunday-filled with relaxation and sunshine. Am headed to church with the kids, where I enjoy meeting and being with family and friends. Hope all who reads this have a wonderful day, as I tell Carrie-each day is a gift--treat with tenderness.

Love to all,


Julie said...

Hey Carrie!!

I read your blog almost every day. I love it. You are very inspiring to me!