Tuesday, September 05, 2006

just thinking

i should have mentioned it yesterday but i was still processing everything. it has greatly saddened me about the croc hunter steve irwin. we finally got animal planet on our cable and i was just getting into watching him again. irwin has always fascinated me and i have learned so much. i think what has hit the hardest for me is that life really is short and you don't know when your time is up.this thought totally puts me into panic mode. i expect to see my kids grow up and to see my grandchildren so to know that might not happen just fills my head and makes my heart skip. i actually have a hard time even contemplating death. earlier this year my friend lost her husband and i think this is what has triggered me. brandon wasn't even 30 and had to small boys. amanda his wife and i had been pregnant around the same time, our oldest are six months apart and our youngest are a year. it's going to happen i just want it to be in my late 80's and to have lived a full life and die in my sleep.
so in happier thoughts it was interesting to watch rosie on the view this morning. i think it might be a good change but will watch occasionally to see if sparks fly.
in regards to the van i think we are going to do it. we talked about it and prayed and i don't see any negatives in this issue.
i'm sure there are more ramblings but i need to have luch with rob while i have the chance. enjoy your tuesday. Carrie


Anonymous said...

Get the van. You need another vehicle, and you are blessed enough to have this come your way for a reason. My ex still drives our 1996 Dodge Caravan, and we bought it new!! :)

I loved scrapbooking the other night, although I got nothing done except watching Andre.


ma said...

Yes, get the van.