Tuesday, September 19, 2006

publishers clearing house

yes i'm addicted to sending in my claims to publishers clearing house. ya know average joes win there every year. you don't have to own a fancy house to win. my kinda contest. also it doesn't cost you any money either.
* so we are getting the van in the next couple of days. hopefully tonight. it definitely needs to be cleaned inside and out. but it will be so nice to have. I just pray that financially we can continue to afford it.
*so i'm teaching a scrapbook class this friday! i like to teach basic scrappin' and it's nice to get to know new people. side note; i'm still waiting for one more magazine to come in. i'm like a junkie i need my magazine fix. (if you really know me you know this is way too true!)
*my mother in law has picked up the kids for the day. i've got the radio cranked up and doing some housework. did lots of cooking and baking yesterday so all i have to do is make dinner before i go to work tonight.
it's a gorgeous day and now i'm gonna go enjoy it. ciao Carrie

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ma said...


Just finished up a paper for my Torts Law class---ohhh, so intense !!
Yesterday I picked up Kelly's decorations for her party--Chicken Little, so now after Carrie orders the cake for me--we are ready to party on Sunday. Hard to imagine that my "BUG" is turning 4--well she won't be really until Tuesday, but what the heck!!! Looking forward--hey Inez, don't forget the silly string hahahaha.

Love to all