Friday, September 01, 2006

pumped up friday

Helllooo every bod e!
Last night I had such a blast at my friend Julie's house scrappin' with a few of her friends. We all seemed to hit it off real well (even if they are addicted to big brother). hehehe. That was okay since Julie and I were hooked on watching Andre Agassi kick some butt. Only got one layout done but ya know its more about the friendships that are made and cultivated and the things you learn that are important. Granted I have about a gazillion ideas running through my head and i impatiently waiting for my b-day present from so that i can put some of these ideas into action.
Today the fam is having lunch with my bud miss Kim as we head to our favorite restaurant Sushi Garden. We have been going to this place for 10yrs? When it was still called Oriental Garden. This is the restaurant that catered Robs 35th party in january. Everyone loved it! the restaurant is also right next door to my favorite scrapbook store, Making Memories Unforgetable. Maybe I can talk Rob into letting me spend a couple of bucks? 10?15?20?
No work again tonight (at least i haven't been called in yet) so hopefully i can enjoy some family time tonight maybe some photos and scrappin'. Rob and i are both working tomorrow so next day off together is sunday. haven't discussed it yet but we may got to a bbq hosted by one of our home group leaders. should be fun if we go.
I feel jazzed up today. kids' laundry is getting done, the house is fairly clean, kids are being pretty good. I don't know just pray that this feeling continues. it's a happy day. Enjoy your weekend. happy labor day! teasing kelly and making her face the camera. my kids are starting to revolt. NO More pictures mom!!

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ma said...

Hi Kids,
Glad your all getting to spend family time-but I can guarntee that you Miss Carrie are getting terribly spoiled-I know you would just love to be home all of the time and maybe sometime in the future it will happen. Soon Kelly will be off to school-that in itself is a heart breaker, but time marches on-and on-and on ( get the idea) SORRY !!!

Love you