Tuesday, September 12, 2006


A new addition to our menagerie, a finch. yup we were given a bird. cute little guy and very shy. Gee wonder why? we are like the 3rd or 4th home he has had. Well he will be staying. I love listening to the birds sing in the morning and this morning I was serenaded by our own bird.
Now I was expecting to hear him on/off during the night but he didn't make any noise that I heard.
What's funny is we put him in Kelly's room and everytime the bird makes noise she tells him to be quiet or shush. We'll see how she does with the bird, if it becomes a constant than I will move the bird to a different location. I like having him. Squeakers isn't loud at all and I like the songs that he sings. Maybe when we have a little extra we can get him a friend.
I would post a picture but it didn't turn out that great and I was freaking the bird out with my camera lens in his cage so I left him alone. Sorry poor guy. gotta get used to have a camera/scrapbooking nut in the house.

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ma said...

Gee Carrie,

Let the poor guy get adjusted before you start freaking him out.
He will end up with a complex of some sort. HAHAHA Call the bird psychiatrist!!!!!!