Sunday, September 03, 2006

thank God for naps!

This morning Wyatt was driving me crazy. Which according to my mom is a short trip for me. I changed my shirt 3 times before I felt I looked alright. Changed Wyatt twice because the shirt had a stain and the elastic on the shorts was shot. Once we got to church I had to teach Kellys junior church class 4-6 yr olds. Miss Kelly refused to be involved in any activity we worked on. That was frustrating because all the other little girls are better behaved and would play along and Kelly has her arms crossed over her chest and going "NO, I don't want to". I could have ripped out my hair. I'll leave it at that. There was more frustration and after lunch when Rob asked Kelly to bring him Wyatts plate Kelly instead of bringing it to Rob she dumps it in the garbage. I was ready to go nuts. Sorry I said I would stop. So I took a nap. When I was awakened by our truck starting I found Wyatt asleep on the couch, Kelly in her room watching a movie and Rob off to Guitar Center to lookie lou. Rob brought home a metronome for practicing his drums. Cool gadget that keeps beat and helps him improve his drumming skills. I'm all for that.
Feeling slightly better since I woke up. Rob is off to pick up pizza and see if his mom wants to join us, otherwise hopefully the rest of the night will be peaceful and my kids will see tomorrow. hehe! I guess you could call this a normal day right?? Carrie

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ma said...

Good Evening,
Am getting ready to head to MW, and thought I'd check in with the family. You know Carrie-I did say let Rob have a nap then you, I know he was dragging butt this morning.
Needless to say that I have gotten absolutely nothing done--and ohh, it felt good, but believe me I will have to pay for it tomorrow.
Have a good night--lots of love to you all