Monday, September 11, 2006


this picture from last year seems fitting. had a hard time this morning with all the tribute coverage. I eventually turned it off because I 1) i was crying 2) i didn't want to upset the kids. they wouldn't understand and i'm not sure i could even explain it in terms they would get.

HAPPY BIRTHDAYS!!! two very happy kids who were totally excited to get presents.

Kelly ripped into hers with a vengence trying to get the tiara out. We both loved her new pjs and short sets. Way to go Gerri!! awesome choices. As you can tell by the picture Wyatt kept saying oooooh. loves his cars especially after Daddy showed them how they work. Thank you both you did good.

They are both growing too fast. thankfully i have pictures from EVERY month but even then it amazes me how much they have changed. my rug rats, ankle biters, youngns', my kids. god i love them.

* okay, on sunday i was asked to photograph the upcoming relay for life cancer walk/run. the run is next year but they also want me photo banquets and kick off parties. AAArrrrr. I'm honored and humbled by this request and i will defintely(sp?) start working on taking more action shots and indoor lighting and the list goes on. I know I can do this just very nervous and want to do my best. plus these pictures will be on the website. talk about pressure!!!!! eeeekkkk. Okay calm down, deep breath. where's my manual again?? kidding. its all good. Just pray for me okay! Ima gonna need it.:) Hugs for today Carrie

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Ma said...

Hi there,
Happy Birthday kids,
Kelly you are beautiful, and Wyatt you are toooo cute. As I watch my grandchildren grow and change, my heart hurts, knowing these times happen and that all children grow up--but my heart still hurts. I love all my kids--big and small.

Love to you all