Friday, January 12, 2007

friday! friday! friday!

of course i know longer work the 9-5 route but gotta love fridays. I'm off today! yipee....
cleaned up almost all of the scrap room. i have a lot of projects in my head that i need to get off the computer to go do. except... almost all my ideas come from the computer!!
so i'm just piddling around today. i need to grocery plan and walmart plan but except for us working on wyatts room tonight i don't think we have anything going on.
i kinda want to go downtown and do some shooting but i have no one to go with me and i would need help if i brought the kids. sigh..... maybe rob would be up with that. the kids in the wagon, plenty of snacks, strolling through downtown on a sunday late afternoon. there are a lot of cool things to photograph downtown. huuummmmmm. something to consider.
**Kelly just told me i need a timeout. Ha ha ..please can i have a time out? no talking or dealing with anybody for 31minutes. (time out is one minute for your age) please can i have a timeout!!!
no really they have been good today. last night was another story. Kelly wanting to sleep with us at 12:30 and then starting to cry when we put her back to bed. then it was wyatts turn and his crying woke kelly back up and she started crying again. eventually we put wyatt in the same bed as kelly to get him to calm down and go back to sleep. but of course they were both back up and raring to go at 6:30am. As long as we can keep them out of our bed the better we will sleep.
We are still trying to decide if we want them in the same room. i think we will come to a decision tonight.
Well we need lunch and rob should be home soon so enjoy your weekend. Carrie

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Julie said...

Hey Carrie!

Do you know you have got me hooked on Ali Edwards web site?? I have not picked a "word" yet, but I am working on it.