Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Happy Hump Day!
Kim was admitted last night for round two of chemo. She should be there for about two weeks.
Her hair is a massive dredlock and is super thin in front from her pulling on it.We were supposed to get our cuts together but she hasn't felt well all weekend. She loves my hair though. She still wasn't feeling well Monday night and seemed depressed. I hate seeing her when she is down.

Rob and I went up to see Kim. She is in room 115 and they started her chemo today. She is having a great day. It was the old Kim again. We brought up Robs clippers and right after we walk in she hands me a pair of scissors. I told her we brought the electric shaver. rob did the honors and she now has hair about 1/4in. Boy does she look like her mom. She did a great job handling the cut. no tears. We all agreed it was because she knew it needed to come off and that it was just us in the room and not at a salon with people staring. She loved it when i rubbed her head and said she felt so free. It looked pretty cool. We are looking to get some of that colored gel to spike up whats left and maybe tomorrow I will go looking for a cap to wear when she gets cold. She is starting to go thru menopause and was having hot flashes. Kim will be 33 in March. Her mother went through menopause at 29.
**Can you believe a week ago we had snow? Today was great with the rain.
I went through the kids' rooms and got rid of two lawn bags of toys. It felt great to get rid of stuff and to have room to roam around. Washed all the bedding and did a great job vacuuming all the nooks and crannies. I think in a couple of months I will do round two of the great spring clean out.
I'm gonna sign off for now. I'm really tired and I'm making stupid typing errors. You'll see one night I'm gonna just keep typing and you will see all my typos.
Lotta love Carrie

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ma said...

I haven't seen Kim, but you my dear, with your highlights look really good. I know you haven't felt good the last few days, but cheer up--by tuesday we will be in the 80's and maybe we will all get warm for a change.