Tuesday, January 16, 2007

home group night

tonight we begin to host home group and have dinner starting at 6pm. It was asked if we could switch nights and thanks to my great management team at Tres Amigos it was quick and painless. SOoo now my days of are sunday, tuesday, thursday.
Today i'm doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen and getting ready for the scrap social at Joanns on friday.
Moms client gave me her old photoshop elements 2 so now i can play. i tried using it on a couple of photos last night but they turned out odd so i didn't save the changes. and yes i did read the manual about the technique i was using.
So I just uploaded my most recent pictures so i can show you that i do take pictures of wyatt. This is the species known as "wyattus maximus boogerus". Always has his finger up his nose digging for gold. If you tell him how yucky that is he just smiles and goes back for more.

I did take some shots of him at the park mall play area that i will show later. And i'm thinking i might take the kids to the zoo on thursday with lindsey and the mommy group.
this is Lindsey and Annika or Nika for short. I met lindsey at joann for the social. pretty cool gal and lets me ask tons of questions. She does the stuff i'm to chicken or unsure of doing.

So enjoy your day and this cold weather. lots of hugs Carrie

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