Sunday, January 21, 2007

its SNOWING!!!!

Yes, it's snowing in Tucson!! And it has been for a few hours, but the snow wasn't sticking so we didn't go out to take photos till we saw it staying on the ground.
This was Wyatts first time in snow and he wasn't really happy about it. he kept whining so we were only outside for about 5 minutes.
Kelly on the other hand was all over it. She would have stayed out there if i had let her.
But instead we snapped off these fast shots and headed back inside to take a nice hot bath.
So now the kids are clean and warm in their jammies playing nicely.

Rob put the red and blue tables out in the yard so that we could see how fluffy the snowflakes are and how thick it was coming down.
I still can't believe it is snowing in Tucson. it hasn't snowed since 1999? and it was in April.
So please enjoy your Sunday evening:)
love carrie
*** its about an hour later and there is like two inches on the truck and van!! All the pictures are kinda orange because of the street lights but i'm gonna take some more pics tomorrow. (if it's still here)

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Ma said...

I just loved having snow, for someone who grew up with it--there are times when I really miss it--not many but sometimes.