Friday, January 19, 2007

lots to say

where to start....... I will start with last night. I taught the scrapbook basics at Joanns and i had 5 students!! I have never had that many. It went okay, i wish they would have been a bit more lively. one girl looked bored or mad but she said she was seeing new products that interest her. We did have a creative memories "fan" who was not part of the group that kept interupting. otherwise the lady that looked bored did some shopping and she was the only one to get a page done. they all seemed to enjoy themselves and some tools and products were demystified. Tonight is the social from 6-9

After the class i got the low down on whats up with the store. seems ms. lupe kept some of the girls or had a team that stayed until 3:30am to get the store ready for a visit. of course the visit went great. the associate i talked to said she left at midnight (still in high school) and her mom was pissed and called lupe and chewed her out. one of the new girls they hired to replace me is so hated by all the associates i'm suprised they haven't strung her up. I'm told she is even rude to customers. I guess after her second week she was bossy people around, refuses to do carts or bathrooms and usually will not help recover the store because she can't get guest services closed. how pathetic. I got comments from 4 team member about how "less tired" and happy i look. I just gave them a shit eating grin cause i love it.

**went up to see Kim after joanns last night. she has begun losing her hair. at first she wanted me to help her wash her hair because she wants me to take pictures but she was too cold when i got there and is afraid of getting sick. so we decided to hold off til today. her spirits are on the rise and she is hoping to come home for a short time. the reason they haven't let her out is because her potassium and magnesium are very low. they have her on Zofran for the pain but its still the one they put in her port. she going nuts because they won't let her take a shower only spit baths and she really needs her hair washed. she has started answering her calls and she even called me before i went to joanns. warmed the cockles of my heart.

** around the ross house. the kids slept in their own beds last night. YEAH!!!! and they have been really good this morning.

my damn direct deposit still hasn't gone through so now i have to go pickup my check to be deposited. how inconvienent.

but hey at least its raining.

the van is offically fixed from my break in a couple weeks ago. i was hoping we would make the zoo yesterday but the guy didn't get done fixing it till after 11 so it didn't work out. maybe next time.

what other random stuff can i tell you?? oh yeah this is rob with hair, we are buzzing it off tonight and then i will take new pictures to post. and seriously he can't wait for me to shave it. now him and kim are trying to get me to buzz my hair off. sorry don't think so. i'll do short but no buzzing.
so have a good day and i'll post if anything new comes out.
Peace out dudes

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