Thursday, January 11, 2007

nothing new

seriously. Kim has not gone home, in fact i sat with her for 15 minutes before i left because she was so tired that she couldn't keep her eyes open and started mumbling in her sleep. it was kinda funny.

I'm meal planning for the rest of the month and getting ready to do some grocery shopping this weekend.

I have tomorrow off and work 5 to close on Saturday. hope to get the rooms switched. Did i forget to mention we are moving the kids into the same room and making Kellys room the playroom. well we are. All their crap in one room and also punishments will be easier because there will be no toys in with the beds.

But first i need to pick up and get rid of some toys and then i need to clean out wyatts closet. ya know the stuff you really don't want to do?

Any whoo, i'm into my new year thing of trying to get organized and get things done. Maybe if i actually got up and did it instead of writing about it i would get more done.

But i must say i have been feeling very inspired lately by different blogs and websites. i think this year i will try new things in scrapbooking and photography.

There is a small hope that one of moms clients will let me download photoshop to my computer for my pictures. i am uber excited if i get to do this. Plus one of my new things to try is to shoot in RAW. lots more detail to work with. Also my friend Lindsey wants me to help her with a photo shoot with triplets. this way i can learn lighting and other techniques.

Are you snoring yet?????

I know it's only exciting to me. but otherwise there is really nothing new to update.

So I will sign off for now

hugs carrie

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