Monday, January 22, 2007

oh beautiful Tucson

oh how amazing. it is so beautiful this morning. and it was so quiet. I even heard the base play their morning bugle.

I got kinda nervous driving in it but it was so cool to see. Boy I have missed this.

Why couldn't we have a White Christmas?? That is my dream every year. Kelly kept asking if santa was coming again. uh no.

The kids sure liked it more this morning than they did last night. I let them run the yard while i warmed up the van.

this is just so cool. no one can remember how long its been since we've had snow that stuck and lasted overnight. It was cool that after we dropped Kelly off we drove around and took some more shots of Tucson and the mountains.

Forecast says we still could get some more but right now the sun is shining and the snow is falling off the streetlights and trees.

Have a great day. this is almost as good as getting rain!! :)

Love Carrie


Julie said...

love,love,love the picture of the bridge in the snow!!! Hey...we are thinking of getting together to scrap on Saturday night the 3rd...interested??

MA said...

Can you believe it,go figure this one-get an inch of snow and everything starts to shut down. I could not get to work because all of the overpasses were closed, oohhh, I really feel soo bad.

Had a wonderful day, took some pictures and worked on cleaning my house, it was great.