Friday, January 05, 2007

oh yeah shes back!! *** Kim update at end****

okay i know it's scrapbook cheesy but CATHY Z is back to blogging!! this lady is such a riot to me. she lives in minnesota takes pretty good pictures and i love her scrapbook pages. so glad to see she is back.

yall can check her out by the link on the side.

There was a word challenge that Ali Edwards offered. this is word or maybe phrase that you will work on all year. last year she chose "play" and this year it is "peace". I'm still struggling to find my word. do i go for "hope", "relax", "patience"? i'm about to head off to the shower and of course you know thats where i get my best ideas.

The van window is getting fixed this morning and then the kids and i are heading up to see kim. The results have come back but she is waiting till this morning to get them. she wanted one more night of good sleep before getting "the news". me, I would need to know now. that way i could plan my mental attack. lets hope the news is not as bad as i'm thinking.

So i finished my second and third photo books i got for christmas and new i just need patience to go out and do a lot of shooting to get the understanding. i have book learning i just need experience learning. See i really want to take my pictures and make my own art. see photo. i want to take photos of food to frame for kitchen decor. i was practicing on these ginger snap cookies.

Okay seriously i need to get in the shower. i'll update when i find out kims diagnosis.
Hugs, Carrie
'kay just got a call from Kims dad. kim has small cell cervical cancer, an extremely rare cancer. they are doing a ct scan on the brain to make sure it hasn't gone that far and they will also be starting chemo today. the prognosis is not good is what the doctor told kims dad. no stage info, no percentages, just that it doesn't look good. tried to call kim but no answer, wyatt crashed out on me so it will be awhile before i can head up. i know they gave her something to calm her down but then i don't know if she is out of the room either. just pray for her okay? C


Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone and a Happy New Year,

Better late than never, things for me have been a little hectic--trying to get all the things done that I can't while in school-the list is enormous. One of them is to re-write a letter that I sent to a friend that I have been out of touch with for a very long time, I miss them, and it sneaks up on me at the weirdest times--Candy and I go back to high school and her husband was close friends of my husband and me and well the rest is history--they ahve been married a very long time and that makes my heart very glad. Because two people that I love came together!!
Has been a long time since I have been on here, Brian had messed with my "puter" and it crashed "BIG" time, thank goodness for Rob and his patience, becasue he got it back up and running.
If you have looked at the pics from christmas, it was great-yes the kids got into mischief--but come on, what kids don't Right ?
Carrie was just having a rough day and went into overload. The "Big Kids" enjoyed themselves and I love what I got--finding out afterwards all the conniving that went on between Carrie and Mikey just makes my heart melt.
As I look back over this last year, I have to thank my lucky stars and God above for giving Rob and Mikey the chance of working on Rick and Merrie's house. These two guys have become not only family but friends, which in turn makes me that much happier. The episode with Brian, being one of Mikey's closest friends and doing that not only to him but to me too, really hurt him--friends of that long standing arn't suppose to do things like that-so this friendship makes me doubly glad.
Well All, I hope this finds the new year going well. For us it is a bag of mixed blessings--We have Kim, whom we love having to deal with real life issues and things going well for the rest of us, please continue to pray for Kim as she deals with her health as we will.

Love to all

Julie said...

Hey Carrie!
Sorry to hear about your van, that is a bummer! I am worried about Kim, it is scary when the Dr. does not give a positive outlook. Please keep me posted on what is going on with her.