Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wednesday aka hump day

You could actually look at that 2 ways. really.

I have spent this morning washing off Wyatts graffiti around the house. I did not know that boy had tagged some many walls in this house. Thank goodness for the magic eraser. I have used 1 complete eraser and still have more to do.

This week I made Kelly a pair of pj pants (tue) and I have gotten done two layouts (mon) I have discovered that I need to take some layouts out of the main binder and put them in their baby books. This accomplishment feels good. I just realized that I need to take a picture of Kellys pants. It's the first thing I have made and that she can really wear.

Also today I saved all of last years photos to disc to protect and save for the future. That is one thing i can cross off the worry list. So miss Kelly went to the Renaissance festival with my mom last saturday. she had a great time. Mom and Marie bought Kelly a circlet of flowers and these jeweled encrusted wings. I'm glad she had a good time. Mom didn't like the fact that there were so many people that they wouldn't move so she could take a picture. One lady flatly said no. You can see in the picture that mom didn't get the shot she wanted because this lady refused to move. I think with some photo shop I can clone out her head and make it look like part of the tree.
Okay need to go and have lunch with Rob and his mom just came over too. soo have a good Hump day. maybe rob will get lucky tonight. heheheh
hugs Carrie

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hanging by a thread.

Okay so I totally got ditched tonight by a certain friend who said, "I'll call you this evening". I see how you are leave me hanging. uh huh.
Course that's the way my friends treat me. Even Kim's "I'll call you right back", ends up being the next day or five hours later. Which by the way we have not had the gabfest because she didn't answer her phone and still hasn't answered her phone.
But life goes on and I still have my Grey's Anatomy. I didn't cry. I mean come on they are NOT going to kill off their main star, but I'm sure it got a big ratings boost. It was a good episode though.
Cleaned up Kelly's room and moved it around. Now she has more space to make a bigger mess. Actually let me clarify; it's not so much Kelly as it is Wyatt the Destructor. If only I could get that boy to pick up his messes. AAAkkkk. His room is still on the verge of chaos since we changed beds and moved it around. (side note) I should take pictures because I have some scrapbook stickers that would fit perfectly. Now I won't have till wait till they are older to use them.
Shoot I changed font colors and now I have screwed up the color on the blog. Sorry if you have any trouble reading this.
So on Saturday, rain or shine my hubby and brother are headed up to PHX to the checker,schucks, kragen nationals to see top fuel dragsters and funny cars. Now I could make a red neck joke but unless you have been there you cannot make a joke about watching a car go from zero to 300 in less than 6 seconds and feel the ground vibrate from the thrust of the engine. It is addicting and ear popping but sooo awesome to see these guys and gals thunder down the straightaway. Forget the beer and chicks in short tops, just think about all the power and and ....... it's just so cool to watch the big guys you only get to see on tv live and in person. Granted the crowds suck and I always got sunburned the 2 times we went but just the cars are cool.
SOOOO, the kiddos and I are hanging together on Saturday and as of right now we have no plans. hhuuummm, I'll have to get us out of the house. I'll think about this.
Have a good friday.
Carrie P.S. Aunt "flo" came to visit and that explains ALOT!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Busy weekend.

Wyatt got moved into his own twin bed. thankfully he is sleeping in his own room instead of joining us most nights. We hope it continues this way.

typical stuff though with work and church. Had a pretty good family day on Monday with Rob home. Got lots accomplished.

Kim came home monday night and so far seems to be doing good. I plan on having a good ol gab session tomorrow.

I really don't know what to talk about tonight.

I had a minor meltdown before homegroup tonight. I went to pay a bill and was surprised on how much of our tax return is gone. Yes we did things on our list but I guess in part of my mind I still expect to see almost all of it still there. I mean we are okay, but the funds are dwindling down as we do the things we planned to do.

So after i saw that I had to run to the grocery store to get butter and fill the truck up with gas. That just compounded my freakout. more money gone. When I came home Rob asked me if I was all right and I just lost it. It was a good cry and I needed it. It's okay, I just had alot stored up and it hit the surface. To put it into some perspective; I started to tear up when the springer spaniel James won wesminster dog show last week. (no I'm not pregnant, maybe PMS)

So tomorrow people are coming into work to shoot a commercial. THANK GOD! I won't be in until the evening. It looks to be soooo stressful.

Our homegroup is going to start a new course for childrearing next week. Rob and I so need this. We actually started something to try out. I have a frame that we put the house rules and disciplinary action in. Once I get done I should take a picture for posterity. Rules: 1. no yelling, 2. no dirty or mean faces, 3. no back talk, 4. no throwing toys. Discipline 1. Warning 2. time out- nose to the wall (k-5 min. w-3min) 3. spanking. we are firm in our belief that as long as we follow these rules our kids will start to behave better. The course that we are starting in called, Making children mind without losing your by Dr. Kevin Leman.

I guess I had something to talk about afterall huh?

Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday news WARNING epic post

Sorry I've been MIA. I have been kinda depressed and otherwise in a planning stage. I haven't been worked since Monday and though it's been nice and I wish it would continue we need to have money to pay bills. Which sparked the whole baby debate.
This week we got Wyatt a twin bed. yes he is 2 1/2 but since we got the bed he has stayed in his all night. way cool. But i had to put the toddler bed into storage. I didn't feel the need to cry. You would think I would be emotional, my baby growing up and passing into another stage. but I didn't. I didn't feel that would be the last time I would use the toddler bed. Are you getting my meaning. (I know I'm somewhat rambling).
Rob says that if I want another child that is alright with him. So the projected start date for "operation baby 3" is on our 10th anniversary in April.
So this is the depressed and planning stage, but also planning on how to spend tax return money. We hope to do some renovations on our bathroom and replace windows and now we need a new water heater. More planning. I can't find shoes that are cute and fit my big feet, depressed.
A happy thing is Kim just called and gave me the report on her CT scan. All the cancer is either shrunk or gone and though she still has 2 more treatments to go through her cervical tumor is almost completely gone. Now after the next 2 chemo treatments they (dr) want to do a bone marrow scan to see if there are any cancer cells in her body and then she may be in remission!! If she goes into remission she said they usually only do a check once a year. I asked if they could do it every three months. she laughed. I'm serious. I want to stay on top of this.
They are still talking about a GI scope but Kim is afraid because of the gastric that they might hurt her. so right now she is refusing unless it is an emergency.
Actually back to the planning stage. Mom and I are going to PHX in April. So I have been typing out all the products that we are looking for. Lots of paper and clear stamps. we are going with goals in mind and shopping like its hot!
Have a great weekend. I'm gonna go tax refund shopping!! hugs carrie

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Just stopping by to say Hi and that I'm going to visit Kim this morning. My MIL has the kids so once I'm finished prepping things for homegroup dinner tonight I'll take a fast shower and go up to see her.

How is that for a run on sentence??
I'll update before the day is done.
Love cArrIe

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hello? is this thing on?

I know I have been alittle off on the posting but no comments on Mikes pictures? not even from Mom??

Not much going on.

*Got our taxes done and sent in. Now we are price shopping to get the bathroom redone. We have a list of things to fix in the house. We shall see what we can accomplish. We hope we both can have alittle spending money on account that Rob wants golf clubs and I'm wanna go scap shopping in Phx in april for CKC with my momma. Selfish I know but pray that it all works out.

The cold is now fading but the new cough is coming on. what a pain in the ass.

*Rob went in to see Kim on Tuesday and she is doing okay. She had to get a transfusion because her count got low and they (doctors) are talking about putting her on dialysis because her kidneys started to shut down. I really don't understand what all this means but I do know it's serious.

*On to brighter news. It's so nice here right now(70's) that I have the door open. I might even get out the flip flops.

*Did anyone see that those plastic shoes Croc's are coming out with flip flops? they are cute. I might have to buy a pair. The original Croc's are so ugly I refused to let anyone in the house own a pair and Rob's mom went and bought both the kids a pair. sigh. at least they will be at her house.

*I have been editing all my photos for the past year and have deleted a bunch but the cost is still around $200 for 1000 photos.

My goal today is to do the kids laundry and scrapbook. My friend Michelle is coming over to work on a project so I'm hoping to get a few pages done.


I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU (yes I am shouting!!)

hugs and kisses Carrie

Sunday, February 04, 2007

ode to Kim part 2

So Mikey took the plunge and had Rob shave his head down. Now he didn't go as short as Rob but its shorter than he's had it in a long time. Just for the record he does look handsome with the longer hair.

I have quite a few pictures of Mikey getting shaved so no you are not going to see the reverse mohawk or the lopsided mohawk pictures. I'm trying to spare him his dignity.

So while the menfolk were shearing I was trying to get some cool shots of Mr. Wyatt in his uber cool t-shirt.

Dang that boy can move fast. Out of 5+ shots this is the only one in focus. He looks so innocent in this picture but we all know what a hellion he can be.

Haven't been in to see Kim since Tuesday because........I caught a COLD!!!!

Of course she won't answer her phone. dammit. So she doesn't know why I haven't been up there. I even tried calling her Dad but his number was on the fritz.

So I'm blowing green snot and feeling guilty because I can't see my friend and she is probably mad at me because I haven't been up to see her. what a pickle.

It will resolve.

Happy Superbowl!!


Got in a couple of new scrappin things and I got in a couple of new mags so I'm feeling inspired. Maybe I'll get a couple of pages done.

Have started making a list of ALL the things I want to buy when Mom and I go to Mesa in April. If I can wait that long. new stuff starts arriving mid February. And I have seen some cool new products coming out.

Okay I'm gonna go chill and get ready for the game. Have a Happy Sunday!
Oh, by the way,
screw my brothers dignity. Ya gotta see this. I love you Mikey. And Thank you. Sis