Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hanging by a thread.

Okay so I totally got ditched tonight by a certain friend who said, "I'll call you this evening". I see how you are leave me hanging. uh huh.
Course that's the way my friends treat me. Even Kim's "I'll call you right back", ends up being the next day or five hours later. Which by the way we have not had the gabfest because she didn't answer her phone and still hasn't answered her phone.
But life goes on and I still have my Grey's Anatomy. I didn't cry. I mean come on they are NOT going to kill off their main star, but I'm sure it got a big ratings boost. It was a good episode though.
Cleaned up Kelly's room and moved it around. Now she has more space to make a bigger mess. Actually let me clarify; it's not so much Kelly as it is Wyatt the Destructor. If only I could get that boy to pick up his messes. AAAkkkk. His room is still on the verge of chaos since we changed beds and moved it around. (side note) I should take pictures because I have some scrapbook stickers that would fit perfectly. Now I won't have till wait till they are older to use them.
Shoot I changed font colors and now I have screwed up the color on the blog. Sorry if you have any trouble reading this.
So on Saturday, rain or shine my hubby and brother are headed up to PHX to the checker,schucks, kragen nationals to see top fuel dragsters and funny cars. Now I could make a red neck joke but unless you have been there you cannot make a joke about watching a car go from zero to 300 in less than 6 seconds and feel the ground vibrate from the thrust of the engine. It is addicting and ear popping but sooo awesome to see these guys and gals thunder down the straightaway. Forget the beer and chicks in short tops, just think about all the power and and ....... it's just so cool to watch the big guys you only get to see on tv live and in person. Granted the crowds suck and I always got sunburned the 2 times we went but just the cars are cool.
SOOOO, the kiddos and I are hanging together on Saturday and as of right now we have no plans. hhuuummm, I'll have to get us out of the house. I'll think about this.
Have a good friday.
Carrie P.S. Aunt "flo" came to visit and that explains ALOT!!

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