Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wednesday aka hump day

You could actually look at that 2 ways. really.

I have spent this morning washing off Wyatts graffiti around the house. I did not know that boy had tagged some many walls in this house. Thank goodness for the magic eraser. I have used 1 complete eraser and still have more to do.

This week I made Kelly a pair of pj pants (tue) and I have gotten done two layouts (mon) I have discovered that I need to take some layouts out of the main binder and put them in their baby books. This accomplishment feels good. I just realized that I need to take a picture of Kellys pants. It's the first thing I have made and that she can really wear.

Also today I saved all of last years photos to disc to protect and save for the future. That is one thing i can cross off the worry list. So miss Kelly went to the Renaissance festival with my mom last saturday. she had a great time. Mom and Marie bought Kelly a circlet of flowers and these jeweled encrusted wings. I'm glad she had a good time. Mom didn't like the fact that there were so many people that they wouldn't move so she could take a picture. One lady flatly said no. You can see in the picture that mom didn't get the shot she wanted because this lady refused to move. I think with some photo shop I can clone out her head and make it look like part of the tree.
Okay need to go and have lunch with Rob and his mom just came over too. soo have a good Hump day. maybe rob will get lucky tonight. heheheh
hugs Carrie

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julie said...

I love ya Carrie...please know that.... and I fully support your reproductive efforts....however....................................................


Love, Julie