Monday, March 26, 2007

Donation update

Morning all,
My new donation update stands at $250. I received two checks on Saturday and also found out that my company is going to sponsor me! I have been afraid to ask how much but I know they are sending out a check. Mikey's company gets my letter today and with God's blessing they will be generous. So that's the news for now.

Happy Birthday Oasis!! It was a rockin party. there was a TON of food and I bought 3 cakes and we had one full cake left. the breakfast food was very good and we had plenty left over.

Lovin the new flash. I need more batteries.
It took some real nice pictures. I will have to post the ones I took in the house when it was pretty dark, they turned out great!
See ya later! Yay God!! Carrie

1 comment:

ma said...

Super pictures, the new flash makes such a huge difference--you go girl !!!!

I wish I could have enjoyed sunday more, but with what was going on, I figured no one would miss me.

Like you said- you can't be in two places at once

Love to all