Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I have the coolest husband

Of course you all know that.

Here's the story:

this weekend is the churchs b-day party, and you see it is all in low light, and they need someone to take the picture of the pastor blowing out the candles. Fast forward to the 30th. I'm helping throw a baby shower, also in low light. You know me, I gotta take the pictures. So I talked to Rob for the 5th time and he agreed that I need the 430ex speedlite flash for my camera.

Why is it I can buy scrapstuff and not feel a hint of guilt but I buy something for my camera and I have a mini panic attack??

After he said yes I called around town to find one. The oracle road camera store wanted $300. Ritz camera wanted $300. uumm no. not when i found it online at 3 different stores for $240. So after figuring that sales tax would be about $20. I ordered it online with 2-day shipping for less than if I found it here for 240+tax. I think I got a good deal and yes it's from a well known company.

So now I have about 2 days to play with it, so that i can set it up for Rob to use on Sunday. (Hey I'm wheeling out the cake!) Can't be at two places at once.

Sears is supposed to be here shortly after noon to fix the fridge. This better happen. Actually I can't say that because I have gotten used to living out of the cooler. sad I know.
Oh and the picture is from Rob's fun day in PHX at the races.

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