Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Not much new to report.
All of my internet ordered stuff has arrived. The fridge is supposed to be fixed tomorrow. This is the 2nd set up time to fix it.
I have gotten all the supplies for the church birthday party, and will order the cake today.

I'm still at $200 for donations but hopefully will hear from my brothers company about a check.
My brother has said he is going to give me $200 and mom is gonna give $200. Things are looking very promising.
I have lost two pounds since last week when I started to eat better and workout. Trying to Keep the momentum going!!! I want to lose 15lbs before I leave
Kelly started her busy bodies preschool again yesterday. she is paid up till mid may when I think it ends for the summer. She enjoyed being back and didn't take long for her shyness to end and get back into the groove.
See I said not much new.
I can still hear. I am still looking at the postives. And I have not heard from Kim.
I helping with a baby shower of the 30th and that feels under control.
On April 14th our mommys group is going to be at mmu for a night of scrappin'. this is the evening after I do the all night walk/photos for the Relay for Life. I have ordered two luminarias 1. for Julie and 2. for Kim for the event. I'm supposed to raise money for that also but I haven't the time so I think I'll try to give $100 to cover me.
yada, yada, yada.
Love Carrie


ma said...

Surprise !!!

Hello to everyone, life is good, tonight is homegroup and we are waiting for everyone to show up. Mikey has arrived, and of course he is waiting for Amanda - will explain that one later. Watch for updates !!

Relay for life is coming up fast,and I need to get started.

Have to go, everyone is starting to arrive. Life is indeed interesting.

Have a good week


Julie said...

Hi Carrie!
I'm honored you purchased a luminaria in my honor. When is the survivor's lap?? I may come..that would be neat.