Wednesday, March 14, 2007

random ramblings

So this one of the places where I'm gonna write about getting ready for Paris. The first and foremost thing you will see me write about is fundraising and where I stand. I have started a spreadsheet with peoples names and donations. This is for thankyou notes and postcards from france. My goal is $2520. i need to have $1400 by april 15th so that they can buy my plane ticket. We are starting to plan for bake sales and other fundraisers to help out. Yesterday my friend Julie Bailey mentioned that she wants to go also. So instead of raising money for two people we are going for three. Julie still needs to get her passport. So in my eyes everything is still up in the air if she is going.

I'm going to ask at my job if they would support me, and my brother is going to ask if they will also support me. I'll update all as I know.

Yesterday was a rough day for me. Our fridge has been out since last wednesday. we have been living out of a cooler. We were told monday night that the part should be here yesterday or today. I got a phone call 3:45 yesterday to hear that the part will be here on the 21st and they plan on being here on the 22nd. WTF (what the -uck) I started to cry because I feel all this negative is going on around me right now, when all I really want is positive. I can't say that. there were positives yesterday. Julie bailey hopefully going, julie glass getting a new house. my friend amanda gave me a $100 gift card for frys to help out with homegroup food and to restock when the fridge is fixed. those are happy positives and i need to focus on those. All negatives will work out to become positives and its teaching me patience.

Whats kinda funny is that last weeks sunday school lesson was to put all your worries to God because he will provide and that he loves us more than anything else. I needed that reminder today. Actuallu I think it said not to worry because God provides everything that you need.

I mailed out 8 letters and gave my mom 10 copies to hand out. I am leaving this in God's hands. I just pray that everyone will prayerfully consider helping me. I don't feel as panicked as I felt for Poland. This time it seems like a dream.

I was checking sites yesterday to get times and cost for different museums and attractions to see if I get to go. All I keep thinking about is the texture of buildings and the north african people I will get to meet and help. I will be cleaning windows and sweeping walks like in the picture above. My mind is going through different pictures I want to take and to absorb all the feelings that I can while there. I just think of how much france has been through and all it's history and I want to capture it.

So enough rambling for now. Even though it has helped me tremendously. I want a postive day and I'm gonna reach for it.
With God's blessing. Y'all ROCK. love carrie

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ma said...

Hello Saturday,
For some odd reason, I am happy today, went to work and am now watching the grandbabies. Have a list a mile long to do--but I'm happy! Kind of strange to feel this way for no reason, but hey who am I to question this.
Carrie, all will work out for the best, I'm trying to learn to trust in God's judgement--he know's best.

Love to all, have a wonderful weekend, watching the Blue Angels fly yesterday brought back some good memories for back in Michigan and our air shows toooo Cool