Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Went up and saw Kim yesterday.

The cancer is shrinking but now there is a problem with her stomach. It's either gas or a intestinal obstruction. She has lost more weight and her eyes are sunken in but the bottom half is all swollen. She has little strength and cannot have any food or drink. She is sucking on hard candy cause all she gets is IV fluids. She has been very depressed and told her dad not to call me she would call when she is ready. She apologized and explained what the last few weeks have been like. this round of chem wasn't as hard on her as the ones before but she can't leave till they find out whats going on with her guts.
I plan on going up tomorrow evening to see her.

No new donations have come through but I got an email last night that I have forwarded on to some of my friends. My hope is that they give this to their friends and family. I can't wait to see what the total is at the end of april. We receive 33% of what is sold and with this being a nationwide company anyone can help.

While Kelly was in school, Wyatt and I went to the zoo with the mommy group. Except we didn't stay with the mommy group. I let Wyatt do his own thing and we walked the zoo like 2-3 times. I got a couple of good shots but my batteries went dead and my replacement battery wasn't charged. That's okay, it was more about hanging with my little man.
Of course wyatt really didn't have much interest in the animals, just running around.
Well, I'm gonna try a chill before I head off to work tonight. I'm fighting a bit of a cold.
Happy hump day. Carrie

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ma said...

Hi Carrie,
I'm sorry that Kim is not doing better, but I'm more sorry that you are having to watch your friend go thru this. Having watched mom's friend, Jan go through this, I can understand how hard it is.
Today is Saturday, last night was Joy's baby shower and it was great.
It was good seeing everyone in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoying themselves. It was also fun watching Mikey and Amanda. I hope this works out, and Big Mike--if all goes well there will be a wedding probably next year and our son wants a big wedding--are you ready ??
Well everyone, have a good weekend
enjoy your time this beautiful weekend