Monday, April 09, 2007

easter update

Happy Day After Easter!! As you all know we had a very busy weekend.

The bake sale on Friday netted us a little over $200 but it was the egg hunt on Saturday that brought in $1500. split up that will be $388 a piece. Not bad. I was also given a check the other day for $? so my total is at $1500 +/- a few dollars. Great Weekend. We still have Schwans going on and we will have a poker tournament and maybe something for momma's day but we are doing great!

So after the bake sale the kids and I decorated easter eggs. They had a blast!! Wyatt was trying so hard to dig them out of their cups with the little wire thingy as soon as they were dumped in the dye. The kids did a great job with very little fighting.

The easter egg hunt was insane. we had 3 cashiers and 3 runners plus people cooking etc. The kids almost missed their hunt and I got no pictures of them at all. But they were content to riffle through their eggs and eat everything out of them while we worked. A good time but very tiring.

Easter morning and this was one of the best pictures I could get of those two. This picture is pretty normal around our house. Kelly looked so pretty in her yellow dress that she wore it all day long and even though she tore a hole in her tights before we even left the house she refused to take them off. Wyatt man, I had to wrestle him into that sweater but once on he was fine.

The kids had a great day and contrary to this picture there was lots of smiles. The next picture I had the kids singing their ABC's so this got a smile outta Kelly.

We all went to Rob's Mom's house for the afternoon. The kids got another easter basket and their own egg hunt. Ate candy and junk food all day and did very little fighting. Of course Kelly was all over finding the eggs even if she had to run wyatt over but they did good.
Over all it was a nice weekend.
I hope you and yours had a good holiday also. LOve, carrie

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