Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Howdy all

Goood Morning!

Yesterday was kinda a strange day.

It all started out with our last gallon of milk going bad before it's expiration date and me and the kids at Fry's before 7am. (which is the best time to go)

Then I dropped the kids off with Grandmom and drove up to Casa Grande (hey Julie I saw the building I had to pick up the potato chips for the easter egg hunt this saturday. Iwill not tell you the loooong details of those weirdos. Got back to Tucson at noon had lunch with kids and G-mom and came home and chilled on the computer and cleaned up my disasterous house.

Then I get this phone call at 6:15 saying there are 3 woman waiting for the scrapbook class. WHAT!!! Usually they have been calling me to let me know, but not this time. So I told the girl to give me ten minutes and I would be there. I ditched me home group grabbed my stuff and flew to Joann's. Once there I find out that they have 3 classes going on and that they have to get me tables to set up in scrapbooking. But I met three of the nicest ladies who were so gracious. I had barely no makeup and realized my shirt was dirty but those ladies made me feel good.

In donation news..... My company sent in $100. But I took this schwans fundraisera and took it to the two peas message board where 3 people said they would like to order and 310+ people looked at it. So who knows maybe the "power of the peas" will help me. I know they have a limited offering but it's for a good cause.

So today it's Kelly off to school and the little man and I are making more bead for the bake sale Friday. So far I have made 18 loaves of apple walnut and banana bread.

**I still have the best husband in the world... last night he picked me up an MP3 player with 1Gig (250 songs) for like $40 bucks. I like it and 250 in songs is plenty for me.
so now I'm off to to but some songs
Oh yeah this interesting picture is wyatt and his trains at the zoo. he would not put those things down. this picture could be interpreted in multiple ways.
Happy Hump day

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