Wednesday, April 18, 2007

So I am sitting here with my hair covered in firelight coloring waiting for the timer and trying not to itch and thought you wanted to know......

for some reason my pictures aren't showing on the ol' blogger but if you can see it, isn't that the cutest little butt. I told Wyatt that if he went in the potty that he could wear his thomas underwear. Oh yeah, he headed straight for the potty. He has had them on since 3 something this afternoon with one "little" accident. Great Job. Otherwise he keeps trying to look at his butt and see Thomas. Rob and I agree why do they just put the picture on the butt and not also on the front??

Seriously, I have no idea what pictures I'm moving around. Everything is a red X.

Uh oh, Wyatt just peed on the floor. Oh well, it's time for a bath anyway. We will try again tomorrow.

this Friday is J's Scrap social.
Gotta go I'm beeping. let's get this crap out of my hair. No more Gray!! Yeah!!

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ma aka nina said...

Good day to all,
Saturday,dear friend, you go by so fast and you take so long to get here.
Don't you just love that picture of Wyatt's butt? He is just too cute, and of course I have reason to celebrate--he finally did it, he now calls me Nina, which has been adopted by both kids for grandma. We could never get Kelly to call me Nana it always came out Nina--oh well, I love it.
Have a great weekend everyone
Love Ma