Friday, April 20, 2007

Star Wars personality test

Most of you don't know but I'm a Star Wars fan. Not insane like a trekkie but I love the first three movies.
So I was reading this ladies blog and she had the Star Wars personality Test. Oh yeah I took it.
I am Qui-Gon Jinn (aka Liam Neeson)
If the link works you gotta go take this test and tell me who you are. I always wanted to be Princess Leia but alas it was not meant to be. Another Carrie got that treat. And of course I was just a baby when the first movie came out.
If my Han Solo is out there please let me know. I have always had the hots for the strong arrogant type guys. I could name two. and I married one of them. Ahhhh... such is bliss.

So click on the title and it should link. On some things I am so not tech savvy.
Not much else going on.
Went up and saw Kim last night. She called me. Another long talk and she doesn't look good at all, she is in so much pain and can't walk much if any. Her stomach and legs are still very swollen At least now she can eat.I brought her up a double cheeseburger to appease the hatred of hospital food (can't blame her).
She just wants to go home so badly. If she can't go home then she wants to start her 4th round of chemo. I believe she has been in the hospital almost two months now. she went in 3/9 and with the way she looks I highly doubt she will get to go home.
So any prayers for Kim will be greatly appreciated.
Have a great day.
Love Carrie or Qui-Gon (whichever you prefer) ;)


Julie said...

Hey Carrie!! I took the test...but you know...I've never seen a single one of the movies..!!!

Julie said...

I am Anakin Skywalker!!!