Wednesday, May 30, 2007

50 lbs? Yeah right

I have finished packing and can I say that my biggest suitcase weighed in at 55lbs.

After rearranging I have gotten it down to 50 even by my scale. I had to take out my pillow and move my bible to the small case. I have the small case at 40lbs. hehehe. Poor thing is stuffed to the gills. Once we get to Paris and the missionaries I can take out the bottle of vitamins, peanut butter, and pickles, plus like 5 hardcover books. Then I'll have room for the souveniers (sp?).

All my suitcases have all my info inside and out. I'm ready for just about anything.

Getting very excited and nervous!
I found a book at Costco that is Paris; then and now. It is full of photos of the different sites around Paris and how they have or have not changed. I flipped through it fast but it looked cool.
**So I have made Rob a few lists of bills to pay, groceries to buy etc, etc.
One more day to get any last minute items.
Have a great one! Carrie

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Anonymous said...

Part of me envies you going to Paris, ah, go figure, my daughter is now a world traveler and here I sit, have traveled alot of our states, but not out of the country. Well, maybe someday !!
The guys are off working and Nina is doing schoolwork and some very light housework (Rob was kind)
Have a great day everyone

Love to all