Friday, May 11, 2007

funny things kids say

Doing much better today. I've been baking for this Saturday's bake sale like a mad demon. This time around I had a little helper with me. Kelly just loves to dump some of the ingredients into the mixing bowl. I like that she has taken an interest in helping. Shoot she even helps dry the dishes when I'm done.
Cute thing that I want to remember is that yesterday we went to Fry's to pick up some things I had run out of when Kelly asked if we could get some "wockles". I laugh just typing it out.
"We need what honey?"
Do you mean waffles?
yeah, wockles
I'm not going to try and correct it because it is too cute. She will learn soon enough. It reminds me how my brother would say spaghetti.

And no I didn't buy any wockles.

Wyatt has really started to increase his vocabulary and is identifying his colors very well. I really love how when something someone does interests him he goes, "my turn, my turn". He has the cutest voice.
There have been so many changes in my little guy recently. He will get his shoes when I ask for them, he is getting better at undressing himself and we are working on the getting dressed part. he loves to drink ice water as long as it is from my cup with a straw. I can't do this with his cup but he will drink from mine.
Oh, this one happened last night. I like to watch reruns of the 70's show. Well they were playing the theme song and at the end of the song they sing "We're all alright, we're all okay",
Yes, Kelly sang just that last part. I whipped my head around to look at her and she was playing with a toy at the table not really paying attention. The tv was only on in the living room and I was in the kitchen. It was just so surprising to hear this little voice sing nothing else but that line. I guess I watch the show too much.
Not much else I can think of right now. I need to get the next round of bread ready and go make Kelly's bed. I still need to go buy stamps so that I can mail out my thankyou cards.
Can you believe 2 weeks before Paris? I'm starting to have anxiety. I just don't feel ready for this trip yet. I will start to work on the packing this weekend, getting the travel toiletries and my books and magazines ready. I need to call the camera shop and see if they can show me how to clean the sensor on my camera. It is supposed to be done every few months but it's been over a year and I'm sure it needs it. I want to take the best pictues of course. Gosh, I'm sooo nervous. breathe, breathe, breathe. don't hyperventilate, slow and deep. Make lists. I need to make more lists.
Okay off to keep baking, list making, bed making, card making, snack making(soon), all that mommy stuff. breathe
Have a good weekend and I'll try to update this weekend.


Julie said...

Isn't it funny the kids things say? Trevor called McDonalds.."HupDonald's" for the longest it has remained HupDonalds in our family. Now you have Wockles!!

ma said...

What did Art Linkletter say "kids say the funniest things) when you mentioned the way Mikey use to say spagetti I had to laugh-a good memory--too soon all of it will be gone and you will be left with wondering what the heck happened!!
Tomorrow is mother's day--so to all the mom's out there HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY