Thursday, May 24, 2007


"Mom can you go take a shower?"
This is code for "So I can do what I want".
I made the kids cereal but it's on the table and not on her Ariel tv tray that sits on the floor.
She comes up to me and says the above and I just have to smile. she thinks she is so slick.

**Potty training resumes today........ we shall see how it goes.
Picked up the graduation pictures from Clements center for Ms.Kelly and talked to Gloria(the coordinator). She said once Wyatt is potty trained to sign him up for this fall. Thinking that might be a good idea...


ma said...

Hey Carrie She learned from the best!!!!!!!!


You gotta love her


Julie Glass said...

Hi Carrie!!

Isn't it fun what kids say?? My kids (well, Trevor...really recently) ask me to go out of town so he can house sit for me.. Someday I'll tell ya what that means.....

I started a new blog...needing to write and I'm doing well!!