Wednesday, May 02, 2007

lots of pictures

My kids just loooove their Uncle Monkey. Kinda evident huh???
Wyatt has taken to crawling all over the poor guy each time he comes over. But I know Mikey likes it. I actually have tons of shots of this session, where at one point Wyatt is beating Mikey in the head and one of him covering his eyes.

So yesterday the kids and I went to the childrens museum. They had such a blast. I could barely get them from room to room. We will definitely go again this summer. We needed more than 2 hours to do it all. I hung out with the ladies from my mommies group while the kids played in the Farmers Market. They got to grocery shop and play with lincoln logs and duplo blocks while we ladies chatted. We went as soon as they opened, which was nice cause it was just us and a small school group.
Okay no pictures of this but today I signed Kelly up for Kindergarten. Oh gosh! Oh gosh! I am super excited but bittersweet all the same. My baby has survived living with me long enough to go to school. It's a proud moment. (seriously I'm not THAT bad) just being a little melodramatic for fun, sortof. hehehe
I'm very happy that she will be going to TAG Elementary. We know so many families that go there that it should be a good transition. One of the kids from her sunday school might even be in her class. Cool!!

**Getting excited about Paris but i still need to raise $700 by the end of May. Yikes. God willing it will work out fine. Right now I'm hitting travel websites for all the places we might go see after our mission is over.
Before I forget SORRY DAD that I have no pictures of Mikeys new rims. You'll just have to keep an eye out I'll get them on here sooner or later.


ma said...

I just love these pictures, and I am so very glad Mikey( a.k.a. Uncle Monkey) moved here. With realizing what some of his best friends were doing, people I know he hung with alot I'm glad he is here. The changes in him are truly remarkable.

If we can I would like to go to the museum the next time-I've never had the time to go, but maybe this summer we could all go together. I hae heard some really great things about it.

Hey Mike--Mikey's ride is really sweet looking, the only thing he hasn't gotten done yet is to have the windows tinted--then it will look really sweet

Julie said...

I cannot believe that Kelly is going to be in Kindergarten!! That is just not possible!!!