Friday, July 06, 2007

Goood Friday Morning!!
We are just hanging out this morning getting the house cleaned up from Rob installing 5 windows yesterday. Yes in all that heat. But it was fairly easy for him to change them. Now we are just killing off all the flies that came in. Lovin the new windows. We will see this winter how much of a change we have made. Now if we could just finish the bathroom........
When it came to changing the window in the scrap room/drum room I had to move most of my stuff so Rob could even reach the window. Which led me to a point about organization. Rob and I have talked before and I have seen it in person and we agree that this piece of furniture would be beneficial to my scrap crap organization.
Also this morning I took a picture of the last layout that needed to get done. And then.... I took some photos of Kelly and Wyatt. I need to wash my white sheet or at least iron it out but I was just playing around. So without further ado.....

Have a happy 7/7/07/!

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Anonymous said...

My daughter continues to amaze me, I have watched her change over the years, her love for her family has grown.
Her faith is her beacon, and the man she married (Rob) is truly her best friend and lover.
She is my daughter, my friend and I love her now as I have always done-unconditionally.
Rob, a man I'm proud to say is also my friend and my son. There might not be a blood relation, but in all ways he is my family.

The day these two came together was a blessing made in heaven.

I bless the day this happened.