Thursday, July 05, 2007

I suck.
Set up tripod. check
put long lens on camera. check
put camera on tripod. check
turn camera on. check
what? NO memory card. WTF!!!
(what the f*ck)
I forgot that when I uploaded the scrapbook pages to take the card out of the computer.
Now, I have 3 cards total, the rest are still stitting on the computer desk because I was waiting to get my paris pictures back before I deleted the pictures off.
dork. dork. dork.
Oh well there is always next year. Right?

So we pretty much just hung around the house for the 4th. Took a quick run to best buy and joanns but otherwise we had some cake and ice cream with mom and I gave her the east indian tapestry that I bought in Paris. Had sesame chicken for dinner and went and saw the fireworks.
Hope you had a better 4th!
hugs Carrie

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