Monday, July 02, 2007

It's too dang hot to be outside so the kids and I are going to be laying low around the house. It also doesn't help that I have a little cold and runny nose. Summer colds suck.
Finally went back to work Friday and some of Saturday. business has been really bad so I was sent home early on Saturday. No problem from me cause Pop called (Kim's dad) and he took us out to dinner.
Pop had stopped by late last week and asked me a few questions and then he took the kids and I to breakfast. Pop asked me if I wanted Kims cake decorating stuff. Then he wanted my full name, birthdate and social. When I asked why, he said he has made me #2 behind his brother Matt to inherit. Kinda freaked me out and honored me in the same breath. I didn't want to think about any one else dying for a while.

Pop hasn't gone through Kim's house yet and is in no hurry but he will contact me when he is ready. That's fine cause I'm not ready yet either.

**So I got some further insight from the sewing teacher about this scrapbook layout for Babie's R us. I guess one of their district coordinators took my class and was so impressed by my confidence and product knowledge that she came into the store specifically asked if I could make 3 layouts for their store to go with whatever else that Joann's is doing. That was such a cool compliment :). I have had a couple of classes that just clicked and some I have struggled to connect with the students. I believe I remember this lady and it was in one of my good classes.

So today I have to run to Wally world and pick up the photos for the layouts that I need to get done and then it's time to get to work.

** A scrappin heads up. The CHA or Craft and Hobby Assoc is gearing up and previews of what is coming out for the Fall and Winter scrappin products are starting to make their rounds so If I see something cool I'll try to post a picture or link here.

I'm also going to be taking some NEW shots of the kids and of Rob. So keep a lookout.
hugs C

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