Friday, July 20, 2007

So I'm one of those people who want to take self portraits but I'm usually unhappy with the results. I decided on Wednesday to give it a try. Using Kelly as my assistant we took about 15 shots. Out of those I kinda like four of them. It didn't help when small fry just kept clicking and laughing as she worked. Of course after each shot she was saying,"come here,check it out". Oh well back to the drawing board.
Today the kids and I are heading to a place called Pump it Up. An inflatable playground. I will try to take a few shots of this place and will show you later.
Tonight is the scrap social at J's and I'm pretty sure I have 4 people signed so far. So should be a good one.
I do want to say thank you to all of you who have shown support for my decision this last week. I have felt so good and happy since I talked on Sunday and I kinda want to work tomorrow (my last day) and kinda don't. I will of course and I won't shirk my duties.
Otherwise, not much on the homefront. I'm thinking of trying to have a garage sale so that I can try to raise $200 to buy this I even did a drawing on graph paper so that I coud see if it could really be usable and oh is it. Talk about getting organized. This would work. But I need $220 to go to Tempe to buy it.
Oh and speaking of scrapping supplies check out what one of my favorite companies is coming out with . So check out their cool catalog. the first stuff you will see is new and coming out, then it was stuff that has been already released. Autumn leaves is one of my downfall. love their stuff.
For mom here is the link to the Rusty Pickle new debuts This is what we will look for if we go to CKC in phx.
Okay enough eye candy I gotta hit the showers to get us going to Pump it up at 10am
hugs C


ma said...

I love the pictures, and it was a great idea to involve Kelly, she is such an independent soul. She amazes me at times, one of my favorits is "I can do it Nina" so cool.

Am going to check out these web sites--thanks daughter and we will be going to Phx. Or is Rob's Promisekeepers that weekend, you never did tell me.

See you in the morning


ma said...

Mom here again, oh, I am in so much trouble. For all of you scrappers you have to go to autumn Leaves web site that Carrie shows- if you are not bowled over then ya'll need to have your head examined hoohraw!!!!!!!!!!!