Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sorry I'm so slacking!

I'm trying to stay off the computer more and as a result I'm getting more housework done! Shh.. don't tell Rob. Time flies when your on the computer and I tend to bounce around checking out stuff and next thing I know it's 1 1/2 later. So I've only been on to pay bills and do some journaling for a few scrap pages. Yes I said scrap pages. I did 2 on Sunday and I have one that needs journaling from the scrap social.

On Saturday we did our first attempt at Wyatt's 3yr pictures. Yeah, that was NO picnic. This boy will not sit still. We sang to him and still wanted nothing to do with us. I might have two good shots. Check them out. Wyatt will not look at the camera and so I really don't like any of the shots. Maybe I'll try again but outside with better lighting.
I think this will be my next want. If I'm gonna do portraits I need better lighting!!
That and next time I'll grab Daddy's drum stool. Wyatt like to sit on that. hehehe
Off to shower and get the day going.

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ma said...

I have been waiting to see if you would post any of these--they are not bad, but we do need better lighting and Wyatt is not dumb--he knows what we were trying to do.

I still just love this little guy!!