Thursday, August 30, 2007

It was one of those days where you wanted to forget it was your birthday.
Kelly was sent home sick because they said she threw up. She was FINE. She preceded to torment her brother the rest of the afternoon. That child is very emotional and moody. Sounds just like me.
I guess I'm just in a slight funk.
I kept thinking about posting a message and then thought what for?
Maybe I'll try to scrapbook, I started making my list for shopping at CKC in September. And working out the kinks (where everything is going to go) in getting my new bookcase.
So I'm in a rut and a funk.
Oh crap, I just got off the phone with Rob and he just got done talking to his mom was has offered to get the AC fixed on the van. She thinks it's ridiculous that I have to drive Kelly to school in the morning with the van (because it's cooler) and I pick her up in the truck in the afternoon because it has ac.
I don't mind the car switching and it will be getting cooler soon and dang it all I should be able to do this myself.
So of course I started crying and told Rob to let me think on it. Now I'm getting of the computer so that I can think about it.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I can't do this anymore

Stupid me, really stupid me. I can't get up at 3:15 in the morning and then go back to bed for a couple of hours. I feel and am exhausted!! I have such a tired headache. I took Kelly to school and then the mommy group came by for a couple of hours and then I crashed after lunch and tried to sleep. EVERY time I would finally drift off the phone rang (not just you mom!) So now I'm sitting here and I'm trying to hurry so that I can go and lay down again. No more all night parties for me!
It didn't help that I woke up every hour to check the clock and then once I finished I couldn't go back to sleep. Can YOU tell me why I do this???
The sad part is that I'm not that happy with the lunar eclipse shots because 1. I wasn't awake enough 2. the moon was almost too dark to get a clear shot.3 I probably should have stayed up all night and tried to get different variences of the eclipse 4 I wasn't awake enough (I said that right?) 5 Don't wear your glasses when try to look (glare) 6. Need a longer lens and better glass (yeah that's it ;)
So to all I'll talk at you tomorrow! It's a special day!!!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Okay I guess I have a few things to add :)
I attempted to cut Wyatt's hair this morning, I'll try to cut more off when he goes to sleep tonight. I have found out that Wyatt cannot stand to have the cut off pieces of hair on his body anywhere! No he doesn't like the sissors but that hair drives him crazy, so I started cutting his hair today in the shower with the water running so that he could wash it off. Much calmer, no freak attacks.
The next thing to happen today is a phone call from Kelly's school saying they had to give her the Heimlich manuever because she choked on a strawberry. Insert tears and prayers that she is ok. The school thought she was having an allergic reaction because now she is splotchy. If this sploctchiness didn't go away then they would send her home. Splotchiness is due to her being so upset, happens to my mom too. An hour and a half later the school calls again. Kelly has had a accident can I bring her a change of clothes. On my way! Once I walk through the door Kelly says "mommy, I gotta tell you something, I pee peed my pants". So we change her clothes and in the bathroom in the saddest voice,"mommy I want to go home". Poor kid, what a tough day. Well since there was less than an hour left of school we came home. Now her and Wyatt are watching Dumbo and chillin' out

Not much new going on. I have spent most of this week getting ready for my Taste of Home party last night. So Today I can some what sit back and relax and eat some yummy chocolate leftovers.

Kelly is doing well in school so far. She has been having a little problem with snack time. At snack time she wants to eat her lunch and then at lunch she either will finish everything or not eat at all. I talked to her teacher and this is happening with a few of the students. So we have been going over that this is your snack cup and this is your lunch box. Hopefully this will be fully understood in the next few days. We have done it from the beginning that her snack cup is not IN her lunch box to eliminate this confusion. I guess I wasn't thinking like a four yr old.

This Sunday the family is getting together for hamburgs and hot dogs and just chill out for my birthday (actually the 29th). All who read this are more than welcome to come hang out. I'm hoping to have some money to go to Phx in a couple of weeks for the scrapbook convention.

Part of me wishes I could do the whole weekend classes, hotel and shopping thing but I guess for now I'll stick to the shopping.

So I'm gonna go chill with the little man for a while and then later I'll clean up the kids' rooms so that tonight and tomorrow I can steam their carpets (thank GOD) nasty things their carpets.

So enjoy, today is my Friday. Kelly doesn't have school on Fridays.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Okay, I'm a routine person. For some that is very frustrating but for me it gets things done. (well most of the time).

This week we/I have been creating a new routine. Up at 6, get the kids breakfast, make lunch for Kelly (don't for get a napkin), get back pack ready, layout clothes, hop in shower, get dressed, make sure kids are getting dressed, brush hair and teeth, shoes, chill for a few minutes and then we are out the door.

Right now the A/C is out in the van so I take that to drop Kelly off and use the truck to pick her up. Seems to work fine so far.

Kelly's new routine is when she walks into her class she is to get her homework folder out and hang up her backpack and then go sit on the magic carpet. That is all I've seen so far as this is my cue to leave.

When I picked Kelly up her first day she was so excited and her first words besides "Hi mommy" were "I had fun today". Music to my ears. Yesterday was mostly the same with Kelly telling me she had a good day.

Whats kinda funny is that I get the complete run down of the random things that she can think of but if anyone else asks her how her day was she lets them know that she ate her lunch. Cracks me up. I have to prompt her on what she told me.
Wyatt and I are working on our mornings without Kel. We usually come home and Wyatt will watch Little Einsteins and Micky Mouse Clubhouse. Then the tv goes off and he plays with his toys or we play together for a while before lunch. The goal is that after lunch we try to get Wyatt to nap before we pick up Kelly but I'm not going to force it.
Ahh routines or planning is what I'm all about.
Not great at the spur of the moment kind of stuff.
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, August 13, 2007

The First Day of School

So we had a very eventful morning today. It was rise-n-shine at 6am for us and we did a great job and with little fuss got everyone fed, dressed, hair and teeth brushed with time to spare before we headed out the door.
We took photos in the backyard and the front yard. I took pictures outside of her class door. Nina (my mom) met us at the school for hugs and have fun. That's when it happened......
I almost lost it when I bent down to hug Kelly and told her that she was gonna have so much fun, then I walked Kelly to the door and let Mrs. Watt take over as she instructed the students to hang up there backpacks and to go sit on the magic carpet. I popped my head in a few seconds later (just to check :) ) and Kelly was sitting on the magic carpet and her back pack was hung up.
Once Rob, Wyatt and I got to the truck Rob said that if i needed to cry go right ahead and then I started crying a little. I don't fully understand it and of course Rob doesn't understand it but I just need to let out all those emotions about my baby girl and her first day. All my worries and fears were/are wrapped in those tears. I know Kelly will have a great day. It's about letting go. (What a hard thing to really say)
Once Wyatt and I pick Kelly up @ 1:45 we are going to DQ for an ice cream cone. I will hear about her day and we can all relax a little.
PS- there are better pictures than this but I didn't want to rotate them all right this minute.
Lucky Girl
On Saturday I get this phone call from Walmart. Kelly had colored a page for a contest and she WON!!
So yesterday we went to pick up her prize. It was a Sponge Bob backpack full of prizes and a Sponge Bob pinata. There were some good prizes in that backpack and Kelly wants to use the pinata for her birthday party. The funny thing is that we don't watch or own anything Sponge Bob!
The walmart optical center held the contest and took pictures of Kelly claiming her prize, and well of course I got photos too! Once we got home we spread her loot out on the table and I took a photo of that also. Now I just have to write a thank you card for the walmart optical generosity.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I'm here

been kinda busy lately.
The countdown has begun to the start of kindergarten. I was almost in tears yesterday when Rob and I were discussing it. This Friday is a meet and greet and I plan on getting many of my photos on Friday, this way on Monday I can focus on Kelly and that she gets off to school happy and excited. I'll cry in the van after I drop her off. My plan is that after school we go to Dairy Queen for a cone to celebrate. Sounds good to me and I have been craving DQ anyway.
Both of the kids had Dr. appts yesterday morning. Oh the brouhaha that caused. Kelly is yelling at me and telling me "NO DOCTOR TODAY" and Wyatt was just saying NO. I think both kids thought that they were getting shots,(which I thought they were). Kelly got all her shots last year so she is fine and Wyatt isn't due for any.
*** Oh my gosh!!!
I really need to watch what I say!
Kelly just interrupted me to ask if she can watch a movie and when I told her no she said.....wait for it........
"Awww shit".
Excuse me. You say shoot. That is not a nice word and I do not want to hear you use it.
Yikes, bad mama.
So to continue on, I also had a dr. appt yesterday. Yep it was that time of year. This dr. is very blunt and said that if i don't switch my milk from 2% to skim I might as well pick out my burial plot. Nice huh?
But she is very thorough and really check you over, asks lots of questions and she always orders for me to get blood work done. I'll deal with the comments because I know she justs wants me to be healthy.
So I fasted last night and had four vials of blood drawn this morning. The doctor will call me in a couple of weeks to give me the results.
So I'm off to watch some tv or hang on the computer, not sure yet.
This Saturday from 12-3 is class preview day and I will be there "pimping" my scrappin classes. (I gotta pay for my credit card bill) and I found out yesterday that they are doing this next saturday too. So I'll be at both.
Hugs carrie