Monday, August 13, 2007

The First Day of School

So we had a very eventful morning today. It was rise-n-shine at 6am for us and we did a great job and with little fuss got everyone fed, dressed, hair and teeth brushed with time to spare before we headed out the door.
We took photos in the backyard and the front yard. I took pictures outside of her class door. Nina (my mom) met us at the school for hugs and have fun. That's when it happened......
I almost lost it when I bent down to hug Kelly and told her that she was gonna have so much fun, then I walked Kelly to the door and let Mrs. Watt take over as she instructed the students to hang up there backpacks and to go sit on the magic carpet. I popped my head in a few seconds later (just to check :) ) and Kelly was sitting on the magic carpet and her back pack was hung up.
Once Rob, Wyatt and I got to the truck Rob said that if i needed to cry go right ahead and then I started crying a little. I don't fully understand it and of course Rob doesn't understand it but I just need to let out all those emotions about my baby girl and her first day. All my worries and fears were/are wrapped in those tears. I know Kelly will have a great day. It's about letting go. (What a hard thing to really say)
Once Wyatt and I pick Kelly up @ 1:45 we are going to DQ for an ice cream cone. I will hear about her day and we can all relax a little.
PS- there are better pictures than this but I didn't want to rotate them all right this minute.
Lucky Girl
On Saturday I get this phone call from Walmart. Kelly had colored a page for a contest and she WON!!
So yesterday we went to pick up her prize. It was a Sponge Bob backpack full of prizes and a Sponge Bob pinata. There were some good prizes in that backpack and Kelly wants to use the pinata for her birthday party. The funny thing is that we don't watch or own anything Sponge Bob!
The walmart optical center held the contest and took pictures of Kelly claiming her prize, and well of course I got photos too! Once we got home we spread her loot out on the table and I took a photo of that also. Now I just have to write a thank you card for the walmart optical generosity.

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nina said...


I am so very glad that you had a great day at school. I remember the first day of school for your mommy and she was a little shy and scared, but had a great time--she became the teachers helper in that class.

Glad you won the contest bug, the picture is BEAUTIFUL, can't wait to see it.

love to all