Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I can't do this anymore

Stupid me, really stupid me. I can't get up at 3:15 in the morning and then go back to bed for a couple of hours. I feel and am exhausted!! I have such a tired headache. I took Kelly to school and then the mommy group came by for a couple of hours and then I crashed after lunch and tried to sleep. EVERY time I would finally drift off the phone rang (not just you mom!) So now I'm sitting here and I'm trying to hurry so that I can go and lay down again. No more all night parties for me!
It didn't help that I woke up every hour to check the clock and then once I finished I couldn't go back to sleep. Can YOU tell me why I do this???
The sad part is that I'm not that happy with the lunar eclipse shots because 1. I wasn't awake enough 2. the moon was almost too dark to get a clear shot.3 I probably should have stayed up all night and tried to get different variences of the eclipse 4 I wasn't awake enough (I said that right?) 5 Don't wear your glasses when try to look (glare) 6. Need a longer lens and better glass (yeah that's it ;)
So to all I'll talk at you tomorrow! It's a special day!!!!!


ma said...

Daughter what on earth would make you think that you could stay up half the night AND not be exhausted ?? Come on now, you can tell me--I remember trying those stunts now and again when I felt like I could handle anything--I only did it a few times before I started saying " hey stupid-What were you thinking" so now I ignore that voice and go to bed.

And please do not be so hard on yourself over the pics- you tried which is more than I did.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARRIE, with all my love


ma said...

Oh, and Carrie, it could be that your just getting OLD---I just had to say that