Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I'm here

been kinda busy lately.
The countdown has begun to the start of kindergarten. I was almost in tears yesterday when Rob and I were discussing it. This Friday is a meet and greet and I plan on getting many of my photos on Friday, this way on Monday I can focus on Kelly and that she gets off to school happy and excited. I'll cry in the van after I drop her off. My plan is that after school we go to Dairy Queen for a cone to celebrate. Sounds good to me and I have been craving DQ anyway.
Both of the kids had Dr. appts yesterday morning. Oh the brouhaha that caused. Kelly is yelling at me and telling me "NO DOCTOR TODAY" and Wyatt was just saying NO. I think both kids thought that they were getting shots,(which I thought they were). Kelly got all her shots last year so she is fine and Wyatt isn't due for any.
*** Oh my gosh!!!
I really need to watch what I say!
Kelly just interrupted me to ask if she can watch a movie and when I told her no she said.....wait for it........
"Awww shit".
Excuse me. You say shoot. That is not a nice word and I do not want to hear you use it.
Yikes, bad mama.
So to continue on, I also had a dr. appt yesterday. Yep it was that time of year. This dr. is very blunt and said that if i don't switch my milk from 2% to skim I might as well pick out my burial plot. Nice huh?
But she is very thorough and really check you over, asks lots of questions and she always orders for me to get blood work done. I'll deal with the comments because I know she justs wants me to be healthy.
So I fasted last night and had four vials of blood drawn this morning. The doctor will call me in a couple of weeks to give me the results.
So I'm off to watch some tv or hang on the computer, not sure yet.
This Saturday from 12-3 is class preview day and I will be there "pimping" my scrappin classes. (I gotta pay for my credit card bill) and I found out yesterday that they are doing this next saturday too. So I'll be at both.
Hugs carrie


ma said...

Good morning,
It's FRIDAY--oh yea, just have to work half a day and then the weekend.

School--our little bug is growing up, I look at her baby pictures and it seems like just yesterday that she was born and of course then there's little man (Wyatt)whom I just adore--where would we be without them-uh carrie?? Think how dull and boring things would be-they have added life and a continuance to the family and a whole lot of fun, laughter, love,frustration, and I would not trade that for the world. So, on Monday after we have our crying session, we will carry on and know that this starts a new chapter in Kelly's life, and I hope and pray that she has fun, makes friends and learns lots of new things so that she can continue to educate her nina.

Love to all

Nina (aka ma)

Julie Glass said...

Wow..kindergarten already! I remember when Hayley and Trevor both started..and today she is starting Junior High!!! Good luck to Kelly and enjoy DQ!!!