Thursday, August 30, 2007

It was one of those days where you wanted to forget it was your birthday.
Kelly was sent home sick because they said she threw up. She was FINE. She preceded to torment her brother the rest of the afternoon. That child is very emotional and moody. Sounds just like me.
I guess I'm just in a slight funk.
I kept thinking about posting a message and then thought what for?
Maybe I'll try to scrapbook, I started making my list for shopping at CKC in September. And working out the kinks (where everything is going to go) in getting my new bookcase.
So I'm in a rut and a funk.
Oh crap, I just got off the phone with Rob and he just got done talking to his mom was has offered to get the AC fixed on the van. She thinks it's ridiculous that I have to drive Kelly to school in the morning with the van (because it's cooler) and I pick her up in the truck in the afternoon because it has ac.
I don't mind the car switching and it will be getting cooler soon and dang it all I should be able to do this myself.
So of course I started crying and told Rob to let me think on it. Now I'm getting of the computer so that I can think about it.


Julie said...


Happy Late Birthday..I'm sorry you had a crappy day. Some days it just seems like we should be able to rewind and start over!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on that idea Julie, and it seems like there are more of those days then better.

I'm sorry Carrie that your birthday was such a bomb, and we've talked since then and I know your doing a little better, as you and I have agreed on-why do things have to be so hard. I continually ask myself that ? and I do to this day have no answer, which stinks. I sometimes wonder why things come so easy to some and so hard to others--doesn't seem fair. And that old cliche about adversity making us stronger--well I'm strong enough-thankyou :) So smile, remember the card I gave you and know that we all struggle with this at times

But over all remember we all love you