Thursday, August 23, 2007


Okay I guess I have a few things to add :)
I attempted to cut Wyatt's hair this morning, I'll try to cut more off when he goes to sleep tonight. I have found out that Wyatt cannot stand to have the cut off pieces of hair on his body anywhere! No he doesn't like the sissors but that hair drives him crazy, so I started cutting his hair today in the shower with the water running so that he could wash it off. Much calmer, no freak attacks.
The next thing to happen today is a phone call from Kelly's school saying they had to give her the Heimlich manuever because she choked on a strawberry. Insert tears and prayers that she is ok. The school thought she was having an allergic reaction because now she is splotchy. If this sploctchiness didn't go away then they would send her home. Splotchiness is due to her being so upset, happens to my mom too. An hour and a half later the school calls again. Kelly has had a accident can I bring her a change of clothes. On my way! Once I walk through the door Kelly says "mommy, I gotta tell you something, I pee peed my pants". So we change her clothes and in the bathroom in the saddest voice,"mommy I want to go home". Poor kid, what a tough day. Well since there was less than an hour left of school we came home. Now her and Wyatt are watching Dumbo and chillin' out

Not much new going on. I have spent most of this week getting ready for my Taste of Home party last night. So Today I can some what sit back and relax and eat some yummy chocolate leftovers.

Kelly is doing well in school so far. She has been having a little problem with snack time. At snack time she wants to eat her lunch and then at lunch she either will finish everything or not eat at all. I talked to her teacher and this is happening with a few of the students. So we have been going over that this is your snack cup and this is your lunch box. Hopefully this will be fully understood in the next few days. We have done it from the beginning that her snack cup is not IN her lunch box to eliminate this confusion. I guess I wasn't thinking like a four yr old.

This Sunday the family is getting together for hamburgs and hot dogs and just chill out for my birthday (actually the 29th). All who read this are more than welcome to come hang out. I'm hoping to have some money to go to Phx in a couple of weeks for the scrapbook convention.

Part of me wishes I could do the whole weekend classes, hotel and shopping thing but I guess for now I'll stick to the shopping.

So I'm gonna go chill with the little man for a while and then later I'll clean up the kids' rooms so that tonight and tomorrow I can steam their carpets (thank GOD) nasty things their carpets.

So enjoy, today is my Friday. Kelly doesn't have school on Fridays.



ma said...

Good Morning All,

Poor bug (Kelly) she really had a rough day, with your prayer and thanks are also mine, it's really scary sometimes what the littliest things can harm our children. We will have to teach Kelly to slow down and enjoy her lunch, but I can imagine the scenerio, the kids are laughing and kidding around and she was just eating too fast. Plus there is that push to be done !!

Yesterday was hard day on myself--but I did it. It's been a long time since I've worked a 12 hour day-and this ole' girl pulled through, so this morning needless to say I'm tired--but it's friday yeehaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am looking forward to this weekend, time spent with the kids and a little time spent celebrating--should I say it??? Yep, Carrie is celebrating her 32nd birthday, uhm, so does that still make me 29 :)

TO all, have a wonderful weekend, stay safe and know your in our thoughts and prayers.

Nina (aka Ma )

ma said...

Ah Wyatt,

He is such a cutie, and as much as I love his hair, it needed to be cut-his hair is alot like his grandpa's hair was in his younger days-yeh Mike I'm talking about you, Wyatt has thick curly hair, Mikey has it also. Anyways, cutting it in the shower was a brilliant idea--cudo's to mom.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone

Ma (aka nina)