Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Okay, I'm a routine person. For some that is very frustrating but for me it gets things done. (well most of the time).

This week we/I have been creating a new routine. Up at 6, get the kids breakfast, make lunch for Kelly (don't for get a napkin), get back pack ready, layout clothes, hop in shower, get dressed, make sure kids are getting dressed, brush hair and teeth, shoes, chill for a few minutes and then we are out the door.

Right now the A/C is out in the van so I take that to drop Kelly off and use the truck to pick her up. Seems to work fine so far.

Kelly's new routine is when she walks into her class she is to get her homework folder out and hang up her backpack and then go sit on the magic carpet. That is all I've seen so far as this is my cue to leave.

When I picked Kelly up her first day she was so excited and her first words besides "Hi mommy" were "I had fun today". Music to my ears. Yesterday was mostly the same with Kelly telling me she had a good day.

Whats kinda funny is that I get the complete run down of the random things that she can think of but if anyone else asks her how her day was she lets them know that she ate her lunch. Cracks me up. I have to prompt her on what she told me.
Wyatt and I are working on our mornings without Kel. We usually come home and Wyatt will watch Little Einsteins and Micky Mouse Clubhouse. Then the tv goes off and he plays with his toys or we play together for a while before lunch. The goal is that after lunch we try to get Wyatt to nap before we pick up Kelly but I'm not going to force it.
Ahh routines or planning is what I'm all about.
Not great at the spur of the moment kind of stuff.
Happy Wednesday!

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ma said...

Hi all,

Ah, the first day of school, anxiety, and tears. I can still remember Carrie's first day, how Big Mike and I walked her over, saw her inside and then cried. My little girl was starting a new chapter in her life!! After that it seems like the years flew- I always thought my mother was talking bs when she said "as you get older the time seems to go by faster" well mom, you were right, it's hard to believe that Kelly will be 5 next month. So enjoy them while you can, because before you know it-they are packed up and gone.

Love you Bug, and I am so glad that you like school

Love to you all

Ma (aka Nina)