Thursday, September 20, 2007

shh..quiet me hunting wabbits

no not really just staying off the computer.

I have been working on getting my scrap room cleaned up so I can actually take a picture.

Plus I have a certain young lady that is driving us insane about a special day next week. Oy vey!!

So besides finishing up cleaning I have been doing some courier work for my friend Karen and getting paid some big bucks on that. Soooo I have been extremely lax in the ol' blog department.

Mom and I had a great time in PHX on Friday and even though I got lost(kinda) twice we still made it home before 8pm. That's going to the convention, 3 scrapbook stores and IKEA.

Oh and yes I love my new bookshelf. That room looks so different and lighter than before.

Now if I could just make the stuff I don't want to deal with disappear that would be awesome.
So here is a little something to blackmail Wyatt with when he gets older. The boy is wearing butterfly wings and playing with his trains.
Yup that's my kid alright. In touch with his feminine side.
I'll be working on Kelly's 5 year pictures this weekend so maybe I'll show you a few.
Off to continue the cleaning.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oops she did it again.
Yes I'm talking about Britney Spears. Dude, i would so love to go to LA and knock some sense into her. You have to work HARD for this job that you have. You can't go party and then to go on stage without rehearsal. You are ill prepared and a spolied brat to boot. You now have two children that you need to take care of.
Five years have gone by since your last album, re-invent yourself. Take out the damn weave and use the short hair to your advantage, look at Pink.
Put some dang panties on and act like a lady!.
Phew that felt a little better. Seriously I am so tired of hearing about what she has done wrong. Why won't these people stand up to her? There is a reason you(Britney) are being told to do something and you get paid A LOT of money to be a sheep and do/go where you are lead. These handlers/people are not out to hurt you but make you suceed. Listen to them!!!

Vent over
Okay, my bag is ready, the truck is gassed up and I've got some moola in my pocket.
I'm off to Phoenix baby! Mom and I head out 7am tomorrow to go to CKC and then hit three additional scrapbook stores before we make a last stop to IKEA and pick up my bookcase. eeeee!
I have a list of things that I am looking for and hopefully will find. I will be polite and stay in a happy frame of mind. you know me and crowds sometimes don't mix well. We are going to have a great time tomorrow. Say a prayer that we will stay safe.
love carrie

Friday, September 07, 2007


Some things that I'm thinking about right now
1.I was looking back this morning and I have been consistent with my quiet time since the end of July. Yes, I miss a day or two but I'm right where I need to be. I have the want to do quiet time not "I gotta do this" type feeling. No guilt even if I miss a day.
2. Julie mentioned on her blog where she was when Hurricane Katrina hit. For me it was my 30th birthday, I love a good storm but I was in know way prepared for the devastation that was hitting New Orleans. For days I was glued to the tv.
3. I would like to get some new dishes- you know, not handme downs .The fact that my "style" has changed and I want something that I have always looked for. Well OUR sights have settled on Fiestaware. Ever since I saw it at the owners of Buffalo Exchange home I have liked it but wanted brighter colors. Well the time has come. On Monday we went looking for dishes and found THE ones at Macy's. Now ususally seeing something that I want and can't have puts me in a mini depression. But this time around I have been okay with not being able to buy. I dream, I plan but I'm sincerely okay with not being able to get every piece right now. Yes I know it's expensive but it's the ONE.
I'm wondering why I haven't gotten upset. Is it my faith? Is it realism?
Serious people. I don't got to the mall if I have no money cause I see things I would like to buy and I can't. I haven't walked into a scrapbook store for this reason but I'm okay.
Maybe scrapbook shopping shouldn't count because I'm going to PHX for CKC next Friday.
4. Rob and I were talking the other day and we both wonder why when good people have good intentions that they can't be blessed with the opportunity to fulfill those intentions. make any sense? We would love to be able to help more people with joy in our hearts than not being able to help because if we do we might not be able to pay a bill. make more sense? thinking about this alot lately.
5. How in even small circumstances how truly blessed and lucky we are.

So this is what is rambling around in my brain right now. That and the yard sale tomorrow morning.
I'll try to be a better blogger. I want this to go a bit deeper and not all fluff.
Hugs C

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I'm singing in the rain

Oh yeah you know I'm in heaven. This is a beautiful day. Dark gray skies, a steady rain. Oh am I in heaven. The house is all opened up and the fans are on low to keep everything nice and cool. I'm wearing jeans and sneakers and I'm loving it. Give me a couple of days of this and all will be right in the world :)
I love rainy days.
smile, smile, smile

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

No I did not forget I have a blog

I have a cold. I want to sleep.
Will the kids let me.....NOOOOOO
Bless my MIL she paid to get the AC fixed on the van on Saturday, when we finally drove it on Monday the dash went nuts and we are told we need a new alternater and battery. WHAT!!!!@!There was nothing wrong with it before we had the AC fixed. Well all day Tuesday she sat at the shop and they could find nothing wrong (typical huh?), so when we went to pick her up......she(van) wouldn't start!! I laughed myself silly. Come to find out after buying and returning a battery that there was nothing wrong with my old battery it was just a little dirty and didn't have a good connection. Praise God saved me $90. Let's hope when I drive it to the store tonight that we have no problems.

You know this is one of those afternoons where Kelly and I are really butting heads. We have been working on her homework and she gets frustrated so easily. I'm sincerely trying to figure out a way to teach/coach her to keep her interest and willingness to get the job done but she doesn't want to follow the directions on the paper and will chuck her pencil across the room whenever she gets mad at me. And before you ask no she doesn't throw things at school. She is quiet and respectful. I wish she was more like this at home. sheesh. So we will wait for Daddy to come home to work on writing her letter A's.

Oh and guess what?? Picture day is Monday!!! $#&@@!!! Have you seen her bangs???

Ignore the purple on her forehead. This photo was just taken 5 minutes ago and grouchy didn't want her picture taken. Oy vey those bangs. this isn't the best shot of them because they are lopsided. I think I will wet them done and use a hair clip to pull them off her forehead so hopefully you won't know we have this problem. Rob and I will sit down and talk about which package we want to get and then he wants me to do a photo shoot for more of her 5yr pictures.
I know school photos kinda suck but who says I'm any better?
I sincerely need some tutoring on post processing a picture. I need the software to do it and some one said I need to calibrate my monitor.
Calgon take me away!
Will someone please come to my home and teach me this crap??? (vent over)
I need to go start dinner.
Bye, C